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Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Morning Cycle 41

Going to try and post this stuff directly from the train from now on so I don't continue to get this backlog of cycles and entries like I usually do. That means no html markup. Well, I could if I wanted to. But I have to do the tags instead of just hitting a button. I think I'm going to skip the pics from here on in just because I'm pressing my luck there.

Feeling like a waste this morning. Another 4 beers yesterday at a baby shower for one of the Mom's Club couples. That marks the 9th day out of the last 11 having at least a beer. Damn that's a bit too rich. Time to strap that shit down a little bit. Less than 3 weeks until the Darkhorse 40.

I'm not too sure how much longer I'm going to keep up the experiment. It was fun for a while but I think it may be getting old. I'll go to at least 50 cycles then see what the numbers look like and make a decision from there. Also not sure if I want to keep the 2 seater or not. I think going home the 3 seater is better. So maybe just keep a record of going in and write up the interesting ones. Most days this takes up too much time.

Cycle 41

Victim: Summit, male, white, 40-49, married, fat, regular. His buddy sits on the other side of the aisle so they want to talk the whole time. Always a black mark on the record. He's got a button down shirt. Who cares?

Assessment: Bad. Incessant talking, a bit too big.

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