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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day 8 Pictures

I uploaded both day 8 and 9 tonight, but it's already 9:30 and I just opened a beer as I watch the the Nationals play the Braves. So I don't know if I'll get them both posted tonight or not because I'm so riveted to the game (game = beer in this equation).

This was the day we went to Nat's oldest aunt on her mom's side and yet another political discussion broke out. Here Julia occupies herself with a scale and a mirror because the conversation wasn't to her liking.

We take our shoes off in our house, which is the norm here as well. These people have a lot of shoes.

Outside the apartment this is the bustle of a Sunday morning. Remember around Calvin's apartment there was nothing open to eat breakfast. Here, a different story. Calvin is definitely in the wrong part of town for food.

The towering presence of Taipei 101 in the distance, behind the tons of smog hanging over the city. Note the 7-11 sign.

This picture epitomizes that my daughter does learn some of the things I teach her.

We went out for a walk while everyone else protested something or other. Here Julia is mad because we won't carry her. So she stops and makes a stink. We just walk away.

Eventually she breaks and runs back to us. Love this picture.

After the the demonstration, the stuff becomes fodder for the kids to entertain themselves.

We break open a bottle of wine and they let Lydia drink some. Hey, I don't raise the kid I merely report the photographic facts.

Day 8 in the books.

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