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Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 3 Pictures, Part 1

Day 3, such an early day 3. Julia was up at 2:00 and Nat tried to put her back to sleep for an hour, when I finally got up and kept her occupied for a while. Stop #1 is a pack of stickers and her belly. This is something she does now, rapidly pulls off the stickers and slaps them on herself. Here we have a butterfly collage.

Eventually stickers get old and she eradicates the organization of the puzzle-blocks by spreading them all over the floor while I watch the Taiwanese baseball team play Canada, which is actually a replay from the night before. Taiwan eventually loses this game, but they qualify for the Olympics a few days later. Meanwhile, Julia qualifies for the Mess Olympics. Her puzzles also litter the coffee table.

Well before dawn we're out getting breakfast. This is one of the little shops selling food at god awful early hours of the day. Those prepackaged sandwiches are not the object of our purchases though. They represent the answer for those people who must buy their food and run in a matter of 10 seconds. We usually get something cooked on the grill which is hidden behind Nat. To the right is the rice ball making area. The colorful things are straws, but to the right of them are the crullers that line the middle of the rice ball. This is not an American donut cruller, but a crispy fried dough stick.

Daddy and daughter. Not the most flattering picture but this is what you get when you're jet lagged and riding an elevator at 6:00 in the morning. Say cheese!

Mom and the Doodle, happy and hanging on the kiddie seats in Calvin's office. I love the happiness in this picture from both mom and daughter. Julia sits on a Doraemon seat. Doraemon was around when Nat was growing up.

This is the view from Calvin's office. I toyed with the brightness/contrast to get it to look less whitewashed out. Even at 6 stories the haze is apparent in the pictures. This is where the rooster lives. I find it interesting that right next to this high rise complex you have a farm like this. You'll see this contrast in amazing detail in Part 2 of the pictures. I believe those palm-like trees are banana trees, but I could be mistaken.

Just chilling in the car seat on the way to Taipei 101.

Your standard sidewalk in Taipei. Actually this is a lot thinner than your normal scooter laden sidewalk. In a few days I will show you the real scooter parking area in this complex, which is directly back of this picture, a little off to the right.

Big moment in only the second day on the ground as Julia lets Grace pick her up in the basement food court of the Taipei 101 building. You can see she looks uncertain but Grace is savvy enough to know that she needs to remove mom & dad from view, so she takes off and Julia rolls with it, giving Nat and I a few precious minutes to enjoy lunch. Sitting is Calvin, eating his Subway sandwich and super sized soda.

That's all for part 1. Part 2 is a series of 10 pictures from the top of the Taipei 101 building. These are a little trickier because I need to play with the brightness/contrast to get them to look a bit better. I'll show a before & after contrast on 1 so you get the idea of how washed out they are. I'm also going to leave them a lot bigger so you get a cooler sense of what the view is from the observation deck, but that means you'll have to click out of the post to see them.

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