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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 7 Pictures

On to day 7, a whole lot of pictures again today. I think this may be the biggest picture day left though I'm not sure. I left too many similar pictures of Julia in at the end there, but I know my mom likes it so whatever. I don't think I'll hit my Flickr upload limit before Tuesday, though I guess you never know. It resets on the 1st of each month.

On our way to the pottery village, here's a distant shot of the hill cemetery I was talking about in one of the other picture days. Waaaaay off in the distance someone just plopped down a plot one day and it went from there.

This is what they look like from close range. I think they come in various shapes and sizes, but you often get the bungalow thing going on with them. I call this a cemetery but I don't know if this is an actual cemetery or just a sort of rogue thing. Not sure how it works here. I don't think every inch of land is accounted for like in the states.

Look! Bikes in Taiwan! Check out the guy in the yellow helmet, he seems amused. The guy in the black hat also illustrates the masks I was talking about in another post. You see them everywhere.

One of the desserts I described, a sort of doughy shell with ice cream, cilantro, and shaved peanut candy. Good stuff.

On the way out Lydia stops for a quick bowl making session.

And this fat German guy sells German sausages. Nat and I split one. Good stuff!

Art! Or maybe this guy took a little too much opium. Kinda neat, but then it makes you question what the difference is between art and a guy who has absolutely no clue how to make something.

In Taiwan, they have this exotic sport called basketball. Calvin illustrates how it's played. This was on the roof of his apartment. Note Calvin's Wang shirt. I'm sure you know but Yankees pitcher Wang is from Taiwan and the guy is a freaking superhero over here. Astoundingly popular.

I stuck the camera over the edge and shot this one straight down. Dig the reflection on the building. The little white blocks are scooter parking spots.

Looking out from the roof. Doesn't this look a little like various random shots from Vietnam movies? The architecture is quite similar as everything in the region needs to be both earthquake and typhoon proof. So it's a KISS building principle I think.

The farm with the rooster again. Can't get enough of that damn rooster.

A garden on the roof, around the corner from the basketball hoop. I call this making the most of your space.

Lydia being silly.

Nat and Julia hanging out in the hallway outside the apartment watching Lydia do something or other with an umbrella.

Julia displays how not to put a sun hat on.

Getting better.

Almost had it but screw this, I have to take this dumb thing off.

OK fine, take your dumb picture but I'm not keeping this on long.

Calvin and I go out to get some dessert. I really dig this shot of the steam. It captures man's inherent struggle in his quest to be both free and secure and in the balance have his own identity. Alternately, it's just a bit of steam. You decide.

That's a wrap for day 7 pictures. A little light on the commentary today but I'm running a little late getting everything up so I'll keep it light and maybe get 2 more days posted before the weekend is over.

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