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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Other White Meat

Note: In keeping with yesterday's theme I have (at least) 2 different posts today. Here is my bike post on the day. Maybe more to come depending on my random thoughts as I have them.

Check me out, I have a new Blackberry. They got me one of these newfangled GSM devices which looks much more sleek and space-aged than the last prehistoric model. The reason is because they want me to be able to answer email in Taiwan. The reason is not to keep me current with technology. Those 2 sentences embody another reason why I'm looking to switch groups at work.


"Dude, I think you're nuts. But no wonder it hurt since you're crapping your brains out."

I guess this could be put in the bike post but it works either way. Figure you're more likely to read this one given the choice. But yeah, I hurt all over this weekend, legs, butt, even my lips were chapped most of the weekend. But it's all good because Forest Gump told me life is like a bowl of mashed potatoes waiting to be defiled at a party.

Let me fall further into the political abyss today. This is getting unhealthy I know. But here are 5 reasons why Clinton is the wrong candidate:

  1. Sue Texas
  2. Sue Florida
  3. Sue Michigan
  4. Cold calling people and tell them what Obama's middle name is
  5. Leak photo with Obama wearing a "Muslim hat"

Clinton is a vile piece of shit scumbag politician. The sad thing is that tactics 4 and 5 are working, as Obama's numbers in Texas and 0hio have tailed off a bit. Clinton still cannot win the nomination outright and will need to resort to illegal deals or the courts to win. But we know that's possible in this country. Again, sorry if you're a Clinton supporter but I cannot stand this business-as-usual politics and the fact the sheep of our nation buy it.

Another item that our system is broken is that in Ohio I've read McCain supporters are mobilizing to vote for Clinton because they feel she's the weaker opponent. The website is an added entertainment value to American Idol. The fact it translates to the selection of our president is downright sad.


"I'm down with the 7th generation stuff in principle but unfortunately the products are crap. I would revolt if Cher started buying that for toilet paper."

It's not so bad if you wipe gently. Maybe my ass is tough from all the bike riding. I've decided that for the rest of the week I'm going to wipe my ass with Clinton's head. This is getting really unhealthy, I know. I'll try to stop.

Monika Lewinsky fucked your husband!

OK really I'll stop.

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