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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 2 Pictures

Note: I have changed the title of this post to coincide with the actual "Day 2" narrative. I also added 2 pictures because the camera date was set to EST, so I need to take the first half of the next day when considering what "day" of vacation I was on. So all of March 8th, and the first half of March 9th, are considered "Day 2" here. See the bottom for the 2 new pictures.

Here's the first post of the vacation pictures. I'm going to do it 1 day at a time because I've got to sort through them all and only post the ones worth putting up. I took 268 pictures over the course of 2 weeks and I don't want to inundate you with a lot of crap. On our first day I took only 4 pictures, and they all made the cut.

The first is less than an hour after we got on the ground, in the minivan on the way home. Julia is so impressed with the country thus far she needs to show that she's bringing her A Game in all respects. Let's get the ball rolling with a double nose picking effort.

This is a piece of something, likely crystal, hanging from the rear view mirror in Calvin's minivan. Things hanging from mirrors is ubiquitous in Taiwan. You'll rarely see a car without something hanging. I don't know what the significance is but it must be fairly important to them.

An entirely unflattering picture of breakfast #1, the rice ball. As you can see it's not a ball at all, but whatever you want to shape it. Here, it looks like Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo. In the center of the rice all sorts of goodies can be stored, though this one is pretty straightforward with pickled veggies, eggs, fried cruller, and dried & shredded pork.

Finally, it's time for Julia to get her play on. Lydia has a whole room of toys, and Julia is about to set sail on that action. In this picture she has a fishing rod in her hand, backwards. The toy she's hammering is a gear toy that has nothing to do with the fishing rod. But since she has evacuated all the fish on the pink fishing pool toy closest to the camera, she sets her sights on the gears, which shortly get flung on the floor as well. This is merely her attempt to test the structural integrity of the gears with the fishing pole before she flings them.

This view is from the toy room in Calvin's apartment, the same room as the Julia Fishing Rod pic above. This is about as much sun as you will get in Taiwan at this time of the year. That's what will influence all of the landscape pictures I will post over the next few days. Everything is clouded in haze, and sunsets like this are the best you get this time of year.

Here Nat holds a totally spaced out Julia at the end of our first day, in the dim sum restaurant. That's not a bad pic of Julia, she is just really that wasted by about 6:00 pm. We went home and all went to bed. In hindsight, it was silly of us to drag her out to dinner that night. We should have been managing her sleep better, but we were pretty spaced out ourselves at this point.

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  • At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Natalie said…

    The double pick made me giggle =) She's sleeping peacefully as I get some down time for surfing and tv watching. No more shopping while she naps.


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