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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Apple Pie and Tomatoes

Frank was eating an apple pie today at work after lunch. When I saw him eating it I said, "Hey, that looks good."

"You want one?" He asked.

I raised my eyebrows.

"Here, follow me."

"Where'd you get it?"


Whatever. It looked good so I followed him and ate the apple pie. It was better than it looked. See, he had bought the apple pie probably thinking he would want it, but then after lunch and one pie, likely realized it was too much. So I took it.

I sat in the ops room, put up my feet, and enjoyed my newly found apple pie. To say it was good is an understatement. Taking a page from the "be here now" book I savored it, enjoyed it fully. When I was done I sat there and announced, "That was a damn good apple pie."

It was true.

Those of you out there thinking I'll never hit the 170s with this behavior, I only have this to say: Eat shit. It was damn fine apple pie, sublime almost. Not sure if it qualifies in the Twin Peaks realm of good cherry pie, but it was good. Overall I think McDonald's makes shit food but this was on the mark.

More poop:


"Well, FatBastard, I laughed again and I'm sorry it was at your daughter's expense but the turtle sighting got me. Funny stuff. 24 hours tho... I'd be grunting too. Oooofa."

Not sure I have much more in the Poop Story department right now. When she did finally get it out 24 hours later it was a doozy. She filled the diaper real well, then proceeded to drop 2 more floaters when we put her in the tub. She's got a green light in her head to shit in the tub right now which is a little messy sometimes. She just squats away and all of the sudden there's a floater, total Fat Bastard style.

She's really a gem, I have to say. Life is different, no doubt. Life changes for the better. It used to be that the highs were higher and lows were lower with Julia in our world, and to some extent that's still true. Nothing makes me as happy as some moments with her. And when she's sick it's just the worst thing in the world. But the big thing now is that the highs far outnumber the lows, when a long time ago it used to be a lot more evenly matched.

I saw someone with a baby on the train last week and remembered back to when Julia was that small, so helpless and and in need of support. It's not like she can wash her own clothes now but life is different for her. She runs and talks and keeps herself occupied. Certainly when she proclaims "eye" and jams her finger in your eye you realize that just a wee bit of the helpless innocence is gone. It's not a bad thing. It just is. I can understand why people get wistful and have more kids though.

Parenthood is a steady stream of emotions, roller coaster-type stuff. All sort of goods and bads and it makes life better and more interesting. Someone really ought to come up with a pill that will allow you to relive all of those emotions and you could wear it around your neck in the event that you were caught by Russian spies. Then you could pop that pill and relive the insane amount of ups and downs in the last 18 months before you perished from the Earth. The emotional bender from that experience would surely kill you, leaving you laughing, crying, crapping your pants, with an erection and a heart attack that would work much more efficiently than cyanide. Your secrets would be safe from those pesky Reds for sure. WOLVERINES!!!

Where do I get this stuff? I don't know. Maybe the apple pie greased my mental wheels today but it all seems to make sense. I'm eating cherry tomatoes on the train home right now. It's not all apple pie but let me say that these are damn good too. And like I said to Walter earlier, I admit it, I like Luna bars. Does that make me gay?

I still have a bike, or 5 of them actually. I do ride them here and there, even though my mentors Maurice and Chris tell me I need to back off. Last night it was 40 minutes. Short, to the point. Who needs structure? I'm going to lolly-gag until after vacation, at the least. Then we'll see. So for now you get poop, apple pie, and dissertations about reality and your place in it.

Oh, and tomatoes.

There must be some pithy saying about not getting the yin without a yang. I don't know what the one-line quote is but I do know that there's some truth about opposites and balance As Perry said, there ain't no wrong now, ain't no right - there's only pleasure and pain. Or streamlining it, the highs and lows of parenthood. Or bringing it more down to Earth, apple pie and tomatoes.



  • At 3:30 PM, Blogger shaggz said…

    now that sarah is turning 2, my wife has been getting those nurturing feelings. not that she wants to be pregnant and go through the baby stuff all over again,it seems like a biological need to nurture something.

    so in a moment of weakness while my father-in-law was in the hospital, i responded "yes" to, "dan and kim just got another puppy and it may not work out with the dog they have now. can we take the (older) dog if it doesn't work out?" i played the odds that someone would not give away their family pet of three years for a new puppy, and it would all work out.

    so 2 weeks ago, i "lost". meghan came home with a 7 pound turd with legs named "cupcake". however, it seems to have satisfied her need to nurture...


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