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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Oven of Doom

So I got this from Walter about the oven.


"So its a floor standing oven/range, oven on the bottom. He lowers the door, I guess thinking he is putting the seat down if he was actually in the shitter, and drops a deuce right on the window. He also has his weiner between his legs and he is pissing while he is shitting. So while the brownies are baking right on the door, his golden love is flowing into the ovens seams and grates, and also onto the floor.

"They live in a ranch house and from where he was in the living room, the first left is the kitchen, the second is the shit house. The oven is exactly where the toilet is, had he been in the right room. Good thing he didnt make it to the third left, the one year old would of had a rude awakening.

"Nicole was talking to Heather today, she has gone through with all the paperwork and told him yesterday about whats on its way. The sheriffs department will likely serve him this week.

"Being the asshole that I am, we went to Lowes to get stain for our window mouldings and they have all the floor model appliances for sale, I called Heather to tell her of the great deals, I even told her I checked for shit stains and they were all clear."

Incredible really. I still have to believe that deep down he knew what he was doing. Maybe not at first. But figure he had to squat instead of just sitting on it. And he must have had to pull the door down. So I could see him mistakenly going to the wrong room but then saying "fuck it" once he got in there. Given this guy's overall track record it's within the realm of possibility.

Regardless of this ridiculous scenario, I'm glad she went through with the paperwork. And it's good to hear you're supporting her with phone calls like that from Lowe's.

Some more comments that I haven't followed up on.


"This post was fucking hilarious! Not to sat that Julia being sick and having Rosiola is/was hilarious dude...that just plain sucks...been there...done that! Ah yes...the sleepless nights...the incessant screaming! Good times...yea, good times. LOL. The Faltwy Towers reference was just icing on the Giant Bicycle cake Norm...very funny. On another note...I'm having a lot of fun reading of your dealings with sponsors...and the like! It is a lot of work on the administrative side of!? Well, if you need some help..I'm just a phone call away. I hope Julia is better soon, and you and Nat get some sleep... Later man."

It's all good now. Turns out that on top of the Rosiola she had her upper eye teeth come in, which just makes sleeping harder. She's literally been teething for 9 straight months now. We've been trying to get her into a routine which is a fucking joke. The routine is that we do a routine, then she stays up an hour past the intended sleep time. Great.

I did send you an email that I never heard back from. Do you still check that address?


"i will be on mtbnj hiatus starting tomorrow afternoon, so it should be a bit slower after that - stop whining, bitch."

Yeah not much slower on this end. This weekend was more relaxing than usual which was nice. I go on vacation next Friday so I'll get 6 days away, more or less. I'm sure work will shit the bed while I'm gone because that's the way it goes.


"welcome back. TBH, I kind of like this blog better than the other one"

Thanks. I do too. The other was a one-hit wonder. I may do some details for team discussion but nothing like the 7 Weeks, which I'm glad is done.


"again, same boat as shaggz. Great season recap, great plans for the next year, hope all works out, including the random vomiting"

You guys and your boats. My top priority right now is ending my awful habit of waking up in the middle of the night and eating. Last night was my first successful night doing it. I'm hoping to be able to hold that more or less through the end of next week when we go on vacation. Then use that as the final 6 nights to cement that into place. Harder to wake up and eat when you're in a hotel room or boat cabin.

On biking, it's sloth city. Having a tough time finding motivation which is expected. It was a long year and I'm enjoying my time right now. You would think that translates to mountain biking for fun but the process of getting ready makes it less likely right now. And waking up in the dark on a weekend isn't on top of my list of things to do.

After vacation things get back in motion. Tentative plans right now are to bike out to my parents in PA on Thanksgiving day. Probably in the 50 mile realm I would imagine. Probably cold too.

Terren also had a comment but I'll save that for a post later this week.



  • At 12:49 PM, Anonymous FatCat said…

    Ok, I don't know Walter, or this dude who decided to poo in the oven or his wife and I guess since I don't know any of them I don't feel either good or bad for any of them either. I'm indifferent... kinda like watching NYC 6:00 news on Channel 4 and not registering that another person was shot in Astoria or there was a 7 car pile up on the Cross Bronx Expressway... it just doesn't affect my world.

    That said, something about this blog entry has me laughing my head off. Maybe it's just all this poo talk and its general outlandishness. I think this reaction is entrirely valid too. I watch Dirty Jobs religiously so that's somewhat of an explanation. Mike Rowe rules!

    Ok, then you started talking about biking again... sorry I checked out there. I was too interested in the poo story and I'm tired.

  • At 3:01 PM, Blogger shaggz said…

    good lord that was funny...


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