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Monday, October 22, 2007

Fat Useless Pig

That's how I feel this morning. I think my time "off the wagon" is about to end already. In a mere 8 days I've managed to show myself exactly why drinking is bad. Maybe I'll slip back to a beer a week and call it a drinking career. I eat like crap, feel worse, and generally have less motivation than I should. I get on the bike and feel lethargic, though that may be because I have no real need to go anywhere. I'm still strong though. Don't want to lose that.

We had the MTBNJ picnic Saturday and it went really well. I think many people had many good times. So that's a good thing. Truth be told I'm glad it's done though. There's just so much going on that it's one less thing on the radar to think about. Now I can just set my weekends aside and ride for the sake of riding.

Having said that it was a good time. It was nice to see a lot of new, as well as familiar, faces. And I look forward to the next gathering, which will only be bigger (and better organized). Now that we know we have a critical mass of people we can plan x, y, and z and know we'll have enough of a turnout to support it. Good stuff.

This is a heavy Monday. Just tired going into it. It's going to be a busy week too so I need to work on getting to sleep earlier or I'll never make the weekend.



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