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Thursday, October 25, 2007

More Attention

There's more to yesterday's blog entry. If you haven't read it yet have a look now. And let me show Walter's comment:


"How ironic, this past Saturday my neighbor shit in his oven, and today he was served with support, custody and divorce papers. Huh, imagine that."

So there you go, the oven stuff is a real story, I didn't just make it up. I now need to backpedal a bit and make a note that sometimes, life is so miserable that you don't actually want to pay attention. Paying attention is often the straight road to insanity.

Sometimes I can understand why backfires might be more interesting than the life that surrounds you. I still maintain you should drop the silly News fixation. In front of me on the train right now I see this headline:

Cajun jockeys a dying breed.

Can't make this stuff up. Here's the tough part, the support, custody and divorce papers. So often the abused women won't follow through on that. I understand it - yet I'm not going to be so naive I claim to understand what Walter's neighbor is going through. Still I do "get" that Walter's neighbor once fell in love with a man who didn't have a girlfriend on the side, didn't come home drunk, and didn't shit in the oven. She probably remembers that and, when push comes to shove, thinks that this man before her is a facade, a brief low point in an otherwise acceptable life of fatherhood. The support, custody and divorce papers serves as an indication that she has finally started paying more attention, and knows this isn't the case.

But it's hard, I understand that.

Boy this blog has taken a detour from the normal bike obsession, huh? Well it's the offseason now so there's not much to talk about. I did an hour on the ToD last night, Trainer of Doom. I'm pretty fucking motivated now, the race season still a vivid recollection as I spin away. I'm sure it will fade some but the end of this season has shown me what I need to work on and I'm stoked to get there and make it happen. I've been wearing the HRM again recently as another metric. I'm probably already going at a higher clip than I should be.

For reference the "offseason" lasts until I get back from vacation on November 15th. That's a solid month of no structure. After that we start the long, slow build to 2008. Stay, as they say, tuned.

My whirlwind week is getting closer to being done but man I cannot believe it's only Thursday. Tonight I get the child while mom goes out and decompresses, whatever that turns out to mean. Again, I'm leaning towards TV and lessons on sloth.

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  • At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Terren said…

    Honestly, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to shit in the oven. It seems like at the very least you'd have to remove the wire racks and then awkwardly stick your ass in while straddling the oven door, all while maintaining your balance. And if you're considering this act, you're probably not sober.

    Anyway, to your point about the news. I think most everyone (myself included) seeks escape in one form or another from things we think of as bad. For some it takes the form of news, but it can also be food, sex, sports, drugs, video games, tv, the internet, gambling, and so on. Even say, I don't know, biking. :-]

    There can be a fine line between healthy activity and escapism. You're not usually aware of it when you cross the line. I'm constantly examining my crystal meth habit to see if other things in my life are suffering. They are. Not. I meant not. As in not suffering. Much.


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