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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why Do This?

I sat down to have a beer last night after my ride. It was an enormous Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale, which I still don't like after letting it sit a year. I have 1 more left which I'll probably wait another year to drink. It's supposed to get better with age but if you don't like it to begin with I don't know it that applies.

It's probably my last beer before the race. I may of course partake Sunday night when I get home but right now that's so far in the future it's hard to think about. I try not to drink too much but over the last few weeks I've been enjoying myself a bit more than usual. Between the 24 and 50k I may scale it back to minimal consumption again.

Speaking of the 50k, the 24 gives me a good springboard to get ready for that. I'm going to try peaking for that event, which equates to 50% of my normal volume 2 weeks before and 25% the week of - at least that's a classic taper approach. I'll probably lay out that plan next week but I suspect a return to intervals. I may even rig up the trainer since riding intervals in the dark for an hour isn't my idea of fun. Plus it's getting cold fast these days, not to mention the rain.

But that's too forward looking right now. After work today I'll go home and further prepare for the race this weekend. I have a huge security blanket in Steve who will be in the pit for the race. I hesitate to say he's "my" pit crew because I suspect he's going to help out whoever ends up in the pit, be it Sean or Woody or whoever. He's also there to support the team which was announced yesterday.

I'm getting way off track here but the team is why I left the EdgeCrusher team. I'm really looking forward to 2008 and whatever that brings in terms of bike racing and the camaraderie with the guys on the team. I know George still reads the blog so maybe it comes together a little more now as to what my motivation was. As you can see we have some strong riders there. George has been nothing short of great with his support this year.

None of this has anything to do with the 24 this weekend which is what I should be obsessing or at least thinking about. I am, but not much. It shouldn't take me long to pack since I've now gone through the motions enough to be able to throw it all together pretty fast. I'm charging my lights now and Steve is bringing his as a backup. The Princess is going food shopping either today or tomorrow. Other than that I just need to collect stuff and put it in the car.

This has become another dumb entry about details again. It was supposed to be about why I do these 24 hour races. Well I've said it before but I'll repeat it. These races are a way to force your hand into doing something out of the ordinary. Otherwise life becomes one mundane work week after another mundane work week. If you remember the insanity of all-nighters in college you know what I mean. Did anyone really want to stay up all night? Not really. But at the same time, wasn't there part of you that enjoyed it? That looked forward to it? That wondered what you were going to do with yourself after the last exam?

That's it for me. This whole mountain bike scene is really a shakeup for me and my lifestyle. I've never been one to get in ruts but the reality is that a routine is a rut much like a ritual can become routine which can become a rut. Getting out there for the occasional insane weekend breaks me from that. It makes the mundane work week more enjoyable. It breaks up the monotony and leaves an impression I won't soon forget.

So that's it, that's why I do this. Getting ready won't be an issue other than finding the time to take care of details while Julia is still awake. I don't want to do it all tomorrow morning though it wouldn't be the end of the world if I wait. The remainder of the details are in the bank, more or less. I have my lists and notes from last year so I can use that as a base and make better notes for next year.

So that's that. I'm off tomorrow so no blog entry, no fat guy updates, no obsessing. I have some feedback to reply to which I'll get to next week. For now I just want to pound out my work details and get home as soon as I can. I'm also off until next Tuesday so I won't be on the blogosphere until then. When I do return, hopefully I will have great tales of adventure to pass on.

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  • At 5:14 PM, Blogger george said…

    Thanks for the kudos Norm!
    I really appreciate it.
    It works both ways though, you know. You have been a great representation for the team, I especially value your dedication, commitment and methodical approach to cycling, thank you.

    Believe me, I know how tough it can be when you are limited in experience and are amongst the big boys. I have had my share of being in the "Deep End" when I was racing motorcycles. But you tough it out and eventually you come to feel a bit more comfortable as time goes on. You are faring well my friend.


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