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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


A day later and my wife thinks it's a clog, but still not sure. While she doesn't have the chills and a fever anymore, the clog hasn't cleared up either. But she does feel better overall and no longer has any flu-like symptoms which is a good thing. Hopefully it breaks up on its own in the next day and that's that. Not sure if the doctor will still want an ultrasound after that. It's growing fast which basically means it's a clog of some sort. Bad things usually go slow and silent.


"Norm, Sending you and Nat nothing but positive vibes."


"norm: on top of the recent health stuff, my wife went through something similar a couple of months ago. i know it's real scary, and we'll be sending our fair share of positive energy your way."

Thanks guys, it's much appreciated. While I'm sure it's nothing serious it's always nice to know that's the case. The reailty is that 99% of these feminine breast issues are harmless. But it's the 1% that scares us all stiff. We really thought nothing of it until the doctor said the word ultrasound.

After a stiff beginning my shoulder seemed to loosen up as the day went on yesterday. So I think everything is going to be fine on that front, if not a little sore. The peak of pain usually happens 24 hours after the incident and that wasn't the case which is why I started to wonder. But through the day yesterday it started to feel better. I'm still iffy on how it will feel this weekend so I'm looking to join the more casual paced ride on Sunday. I can comb my hair with my left arm again which is good.

I pulled the disc off the wheel this morning and the weight breaks down like this:

Base wheel: 2.5 pounds
Cassette: .5 pounds
Disc: .25 pounds
Tire: 1.25 pounds
Tube: .25 pounds

Ok that's not right because that comes up half a pound short. The full assembly is 5.25, not 5.5 as I said yesterday. The base wheel is 2.5 and the disc is .25. And I'm pretty sure the tire/tube comes in at 1.5. That leaves the cassette which I know isn't 1.25 pounds. This math stuff sucks.

The big ticket item there is the base wheel which I can get down to about 800 grams which is 1.75 pounds. Figure in reality that's 10 ounces because math sucks. Still that's a lot. The tire is about as low as it can go now. As it is I get flats overnight after every ride.

So in theory the lowest reasonable weight I can get that rear wheel is 4 pounds and change. Not sure what the tubeless alternative comes out to in weight.

So the spoke is out and I need to pick up a 256 mm and maybe a few other spoke sizes. I need to visit the bike shop near work. I'm not expecting much since I'm in Brooklyn. I won't hold my breath.

I also have the Trek 8000 frame totally apart except for the old headset. I need to get that out then start documenting the build in words, pictures, and weights.

I'm going to rapid fire summarize the rest of "stuff" going on. Nothing new on the tent. I got my InfinIT Nutrition shipment. Now the question is, do I try it this weekend or go with the Accelerade and Heed mix to verify that it did work last weekend? This will probably be a topic of discussion Thursday. No bike parts arrived yesterday. No riding today because I'm staggering my days this and next week. And thankfully training is only a half day today so work should return to some semblance of normality this afternoon.

So that's that except for one late comment on yesterday's post.


"norm, I feel your pain. we had a bomb dropped on our house this afternoon that isn't going to fix itself anytime soon and I have no idea what (or whom) the next week of my life will bring. i'll toss a coin in the good karma bank for you if you'll do the same for me"

Will do my friend. As I said yesterday things usually work out in the end so keep your head up. Consider that coin tossed and let's all hope for the best.



  • At 5:40 PM, Blogger george said…

    Norm, I hope all works out with Natalie's condition. I'm sure it is just a clog and that all will be ok. Laura and I will keep her in our thoughts.

    Are you putting heat compresses on the shoulder at night? A couple of advil never hurt either. Slow rotation and easy stretching, and heat are good pt.

    Stay with the Accelerade and Heed mix, don't try something 'new' this close to the 24 hour race.

    Also on the food issue, eat whatever you want - sounds good, as long as you know the food you will be eating all agrees with you!


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