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Monday, August 20, 2007

Will Work for Fork

The doctor is: IN

Monday morning and my roller coaster of a world (in my head) is already full-on for the week. There's a lot more good going on right now than bad. But we're not totally home free yet. Let's recap the good.

Nat went to the doctor Friday. It's all good, all in the clear. The doctor basically said, "I don't see anything." Like someone said in email these doctors are often times overly pessimistic.

Shoulder is OK. I went OTB again yesterday and landed square on the shoulder while my shin and rear shock hit a rock. Both my shin and the shock took major dings but I got up and my shoulder felt better! Is that possible? Can you partially dislocate your shoulder and knock it back in place without knowing it? In any event it doesn't hurt when I ride which is all I care about.

The spoke held up well to 3 hours at Mahlon yesterday.

Seam sealed the tent and seems to be keeping water out.

Used the Infinit Nutrition stuff yesterday and felt good. But the temps were low and staying hydrated was easy. So I'm not sure what to credit there. I'm leaning towards actually going with this for the race. I may start the first lap with Heed/Accelerade because I seemed to start really sluggish yesterday. But eventually it really seemed to do the trick despite the lemon lime tasting like ass.

Had a great weekend of riding. Friday I squeezed in 90 minutes at Chimney Rock before Nat's doctor visit and yesterday we were out in Mahlon for 4.5 hours. Really good stuff, fun times.

I got my suspension dialed in even better yesterday. I dropped the rear shock to 195-200 with maybe 2 clicks of rebound from slow. Tires both at 40 PSI, running the Blue Grooves still and NO FLATS for the first time ever. Steve asked me why I keep giving them another chance and I had no good reason. I suppose it was because I want to make sure I've given them a fair shake and after yesterday I think I may finally have them setup right.

I dropped the front fork from 100 to 90 PSI and that seemed to suck up a little bit more of the chatter which is sweet. But at some point it started to leak some oil and then then my bad news for the week came into play. The fork shit the bed. Coming down the last hill that baby crunch-crunch-crunched its was down the whole thing. I guess realistically it works fine but that can't be healthy for the fork. Not good. This is 18.5 hours of riding after it was rebuilt.

So everything is coming together right now save for that pesky suspension fork thing. Thus I am in a Calling All Cars mode to try and cover my bases this weekend. I have a few options but I think right now I would prefer to rebuild my shock and use that. I'd really like to minimize the number of variables if possible.

Call me crazy but I think I'm in a decent spot for the race this weekend. We were out for 4.5 hours yesterday, and while we did only ride for 3 of those hours I felt pretty darn good at the end. I'm not going to ride for 24 hours straight this weekend so that's pretty similar to what I'll be doing. As long as I work out the actual bike details it should be pretty fun.

While we're here I might as well lay out my strategy for the weekend. Since I haven't figured that out yet I'll be thinking out loud here. Let's assume I have a bike to ride. OK, good start. I'm considering starting lap 1 5-10 minutes after everyone so I don't get caught up in the mass craze to climb the hill out of the camp. But we'll see. As far as laps go I should probably take a small break between laps to top off my water, get a new bottle and maybe swap jerseys or shorts. I expect to take about 1:30 per lap so a double lap buys me nothing. Plus a little down time gives me a little time to catch up on food/water.

Beyond that I don't really have enough experience to say what my strategy is. I would still like to get 10 laps but don't know what the course is and what the rain/heat situation will be. Steve is lending me his lights so I'll have my lights which are good for 2 laps and his which are good for at least 2. So that gives me an option for 4 night laps at least. The night laps officially go from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am. I'm probably looking at a general plan like this (the race starts at noon):

Say 3 laps before the 6:00 mark, possibly start the 4th before that so I don't have to lug the lights around the 4th lap. I'd like to do 2 night laps, and maybe a 3rd if it's not too late and I'm still feeling OK. So that's 5 laps minimum and 7 laps max, with 7 being a fairly unrealistic and overly ambitious number. Take a snooze, then wake up by 4:00 or so and get a dawn lap in. After that it's whatever else I feel up to. I don't think I'll end with 9 unless something unexpected happens. In other words, if I'm at 8 I doubt I start a 9th unless I have a chance to get a 10th. My target should be 7. I did 5 last year and we could have easily done a 6th. But I wanted to get home because our daughter was still only 4 months old at the time. So I bagged it and packed up camp. So if I could have done 6, I need to set 7 as my target for progress this year. Last year it was 4 and 1 the next day. So 4 and 2 possible. This year I guess the idea would be 5 and 3?

This is all overly ambitious. I'd like to sleep and get some night laps in. Other than that enjoying myself is the main priority.

Need a lot of rest this week. And a working fork. Will work for fork.

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