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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wasting Time Until Walter Gets Home

Thanks to Jake I have a backup bike to ride for Allamuchy. He has graciously agreed to let me use his Trek Fuel if I need to. Thanks Jake, much appreciated.

Speaking of bikes mine is going back together and more apart. The cranks and rings and chain are cleaned and reassembled as well as the BB pieces. But while I was down there I decided to take a look at the 2 bearings that connect the BB shell with the swingarm. I took it apart and the bearings were rusty and seized. As a general rule, parts that are supposed to be lubricated and rotating don't perform well when rusted and seized. So I popped them out in less than 10 minutes. My experience in working with the linkage bearings made it oh so much easier this time around. I still need to press the new ones in which will be a hair trickier because I'm dealing with the bike frame now, not a $35 piece of linkage. The risk side of the risk/reward equation is a bit steeper now.

So it looks like Saturday is a go. I talked to Allamuchy guru BobW and he said that loop looked pretty reasonable all around. Now it's just a matter of going out and doing it. No idea what bike food I'll be brining along right now though.

Didn't sleep great because we have crickets in the house. If I were a monk I might be able to deal with them but I'm more like Bill Murray in Caddyshack so they bother the shit out of me. Regardless I feel good this morning, my minor cold having all but disappeared.

The weather was bad last night across all of North Jersey it seems. I started getting NJT alerts just before 6:00 saying various trains were canceled. So I took it easy this morning, enjoying my coffee as I worked on my bike. I could have worked from home but it's hot and sticky upstairs and that cricket would be the end of me if I had to listen to it all day. Plus I would just want to work on my bike all day and would get no real work done. Well I took the train in to Hoboken, waited for the delayed Path, then got to Manhattan to find all the Brooklyn subways were down. I turned around and went home. On the bright side Nat managed to kill the cricket while I was gone.

More on InfinIT Nutrition. I replied to the guy's email and he sent me his cell phone number and said we could work something out, which of course is the sales pitch. No big deal let me call and see what he says. I'm on work's dime so what else is there to do until 4:00 when Walter gets home from work?

The usual sales stuff, as expected. Their gig is that they make up the mix for you as a personalized thing. So you sort of mix and match various attributes and come up with a powder you can use. That's fine and all but I just ordered from Hammer and I don't want to drop another load of cash on something 2 weeks before my 24 hour race.

Well he says let me credit your account with $20 and that can help you out. Plus there's a money-back guarantee if you don't like it. Only 1 person has ever used that, he says. He goes on to create 2 mixes for me. A strong mix and a lighter mix. The lighter mix has caffeine and no protein. Apparently some people get iffy with protein after a while and you can move off that for the next batch. I hem and haw and he says think it over, we created the account, you make the choice, I don't want to pressure you. And that was that. Still it's going to cost me like almost $70 for the 2 jugs. Same price range as Hammer stuff but a lot of money for an experiment.

After the call I checked them out on the endurance forum and found a little bit, but not much. Seems they're just trying to break into the market so they're relatively new to the biking scene. They do, however, have one major feather in their cap. "Pua" who just won the female solo 24 worlds is a big fan. And Jeff Kerkove who I've talked to before says a few of the people he rides with are huge supporters and that he was very interested in checking them out.

So now I'm really interested, but not ready to drop that kind of cash yet. I hem and haw some more and finally decide to take a half-step. I grab one each of the 12 serving jugs for a total cost with shipping of $29 after the $20 is taken off. That's a much better price for an experiment at this late hour.

The MTBR link grew a little bit but what came out of it was a list of drink mixes that are made up of different carb sources. This was the list:

PowerBar Endurance

At some point I need to come up with a comparison chart and list the cost per serving of this stuff. I also want to try the Gatorade plus Carbo Boom option. So far straight Accelerade was a no go and Hammer products are TBD. We'll see. Hopefully this stuff gets here before the weekend so I can try
it this Saturday.


"i see you still have jane's on the brain.."

My titles are all subconscious now. When I start the writeup for the day it's usually on the train ride home. So I just sort of go, blather on about whatever I was thinking about or researching that day at work. The next day I add a little more and reread it, then make it a little more readable, adding little comments here and there in an effort to be more entertaining.

So probably whatever is in my head will pop out one way or the other.


""Didn't you crack your ribs at Allamuchy earlier this year? Hard to believe you're sending me to the place of your doom... " :O Er ah...ask not what Allamuchy can do to you...but what Allamuchy will do to you, er ah! lol. Well, I didn't crack the ribs at was my left hand. Yes my doom for sure, that place can be rough for the unintiated and inexperienced! Such as myself (doh) The ribs were cracked in flag football this past winter. BTW, no more football for me. At least that is what I'm saying now... Hmmm, more beer, less cake... I'll have to mull that one over Norm."

Yeah it can be a rough place, but it also helps to know how to crash. I must have gone down 6 times Saturday and it really helps if you do it properly. So crash more and become an expert. An overabundance of cake will leave you fat, disgusting, and laying on the couch. An overabundance of beer will make you want to be romantic with those that are fat, disgusting, and laying on the couch. See the difference?

I should be in sales.

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  • At 4:06 PM, Anonymous walter said…

    Sorry norm, but Metro Park was without power due to the storm, so when I got home, wifey was here waiting. I read through the MTBR thread, so, what this company does is you tell them your specific goals, issues, training routine, etc., and they create your own custom formula to suit your needs??? Sounds like an interesting idea, hopefully its as good as it sounds.

  • At 6:23 PM, Blogger george said…

    "An overabundance of cake will leave you fat, disgusting, and laying on the couch. An overabundance of beer will make you want to be romantic with those that are fat, disgusting, and laying on the couch. See the difference?"

    I s e e...(Homer)
    Too funny! But yet so true..

    You would be a top notch salesmen...there Mr. Z!


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