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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hippie Parenting Plan

I don't know what I've done to deserve all this good Karma but man, people have really come through in my time of bike need. Through the course of the last day and half I've had since the shock shit the bed a lot of different people have stepped up with offers of help and suggestions.

Scott offered me the use of his Fox Vanilla shock from the parking lot Sunday. Then he later offered to help work on mine if I wanted to try and fix it. Jake offered his bike. Steve called Cycle Works to see if they can hook me up. Then he offered his bike. Jeff offered a solid suggestion of how to get my fork back together in time. Kirt offered one of his forks. Then Zoller offered an old fork of his. Wow, all of this in a day. You guys are awesome even if some of those mentioned don't read the site. Thank you, you all collectively rock.

I decided to go with Cycle Works because both Steve and Jake give them a lot of praise and they're one of the sponsors of the site. Plus they were able to get me in and turn it around in 1-2 days. So that erases one major item off the plate which leaves exactly zero major items left. Sure we have 408 minor items but nothing major. Just me, my bike, and a few days until the big weekend.

This week is going to absolutely fly by. Work is busy, it's a 4 day week, and I have a lot of little things to think about. Thankfully it's little things to think about and not worry about. Thinking is always better than worrying. I only have 1 ride this week, a 1-2 hour cruise on the road bike either tonight after work or tomorrow sometime. The weather is crappy so I may be left to squeeze it in when I can, or possibly skip it if I have to. Not thrilled about that but I'm not getting up at 5:00 to ride in the rain. Legs feel good, I think the rest week thing is coming around right about now. It's Tuesday which is a bit early but I'm feeling pretty good. All in all coming into this big race feeling very good. As long as I keep the legs fresh this week Saturday should be fun to watch.

I'm still debating the pre-ride. On one hand I should probably save my energy. On the other hand I should ride my bike with the rebuilt fork at least once before the race. I also struggle riding after days off and if I don't ride Friday that will be at least 2 days between rides if not 3. OTOH there's plenty of time to warm up Saturday, and Friday may only serve to get my bike muddy. OTOOH, there's also the consideration of my even getting fatter if I only ride once this week.

To that end I've temporarily scrapped my mad rush to drop pounds the last 2 weeks. If I pare down my eating my rides suck. So I'm going to try to hold the fort in the 189-192 range until after the race then I can worry about dropping down later, or after the last race of the year.

Still feeling good Tuesday morning though Julia is sleeping awfully these days. I may be forced to go upstairs to get some quality shuteye the rest of the week. It's really bad right now. I think our Hippie Parenting Plan is suddenly not working. Rats. You think you give these kids all they need then they cry for more. More more more. What next? College?

I need to give Steve some direction as to how to help in the pit area for the race. It looks like at least Sean, Woody, and myself will be racing and Steve, Jake, and Brad will be at the tent some of the time. I'm a Top Down Approach guy so I look at the big ticket items first. That means:

1. Food
2. Water
3. Bike

I'm probably going to keep a running total of how much food & water I consume so when Steve shows up he can help me keep tabs on that. I'm probably going to need to eat 250-300 calories an hour and drink 36-48 ounces of water, depending on the heat. As for the bike I just need to keep it rolling which means, more or less, a clean drivetrain.

That's it. Friday I need to go food shopping which will likely happen early. Oh and I need a shitload of ice. Ice is freaking key for this event. I have 2 coolers, one of which is going to be dedicated to ice. After that I need to register, set up tent/tarp, maybe do a pre-ride, then head home for the day. I'd like to do the full weekend camp thing but I can't burn that much mojo with the family just yet. Maybe next year.

In all, as long as the fork gets taken care of, this week should go relatively smoothly. Famous last words, I know.

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  • At 11:56 PM, Blogger Biby Cletus said…

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  • At 6:15 AM, Blogger shaggz said…

    what is your HPP? we are considering homeschooling our kids for a spell, but that is due to a lack of faith in the educational system, not really hippie parenting...


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