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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wayback 5/4/2008 - Wawayanda Spring Cleaning

This is what I wrote shortly after the 2008 Wawayanda race:

"I believe I ended up 5th in my class. Started off really well, for the first 20 minutes or so bounced back and forth with different sets of riders, usually sitting at #2 or #3. When we hit the masses of 19-29 and 30-34 riders in the various rock gardens, it started to take its tool on me. Felt decent through the first lap and just tried to keep my pace for the second lap.

"The second lap started to see the course get greasy, and I just tried pushed at the limit I could handle without toasting myself, but at about the 1 hour mark I could feel it starting to slip away. And at some point I was passed by 2 guys in my class, 1 of which I was able to eventually reel back in at the absolute very end, right before I saw Kirt lose it.

"Given that I've lost quite a bit of mojo in the past 2 months and put on 10 pounds, I'm fairly happy with the result. Still plenty of work to do of course. "

That's a pretty lame recap, but I know at the time I wasn't really into things so much. My step-step-grandfather was quite sick, and actually died that day. This wasn't a sudden thing, he was going for months. In many ways it was better to not have him nahg on too long, which in hindsight he probably did. I doubt he would have wanted to see himself be kept alive being so un self-sufficient for so long.

So I kinda wanted to win one for him, but it was a pipe dream of course. I had been doing these trainer intervals from the Ross book, which was rapidly setting me up for no progress at all. I think I could get away with that stuff now, but then it was a joke, as I had no history or base to pull off such a stunt.

That spring we had gone to Taiwan as well, just before Julia turned 2 and the flight was cheaper. I rode an exercise bike twice while we were there and then gave up and just put on weight.

Here's the post I put up later that week about it:


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