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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

On Hillary and Politics

My wife reads my blog. So last night she asks, "You really don't like Clinton do you?"

See here's the thing. As many have pointed out, the actual politics of Obama and Clinton are so similar many a political junkies can't tell the pair apart. But when Clinton went on the Negative Offensive, it just turned me off to politics-as-usual. When it all started, I would have been more than happy to vote for either. No longer.

On Texas, while I think it's bullshit that Clinton wants to change the rules on the fly, the rules are stupid. The candidate with the most votes should get more delegates, period. Having these goofy caucus rules renders the whole political system screwed up.

By some accounts, it's going to get ugly for the next 7 weeks. Who knows if that transpires.

In the end it looks like Hillary did well last night so that's moderately ok for her but bad for the Democrats in general. A prolonged 7 week fight does nothing for either because this will be mud-slinging time. And in the end, Obama is still going to lead in delegates, superdelegates, popular vote, and money raised. The math of Hillary winning is pretty ominous if you're a realist. But last night translates into more "it's 3:00 am do you know where your president is" television ads.

So to answer my wife's question, no, I no longer like Clinton. With the negative stuff, the questionable spin game, the crying card, and going with the gender argument, it all adds up to a bad candidate in November. The Republicans and McCain will eat her up this fall, which I don't think is what we need for the country.

There, I've lightly laid it out. Now I can go back to Hogging comments and the like to keep it simple. Again, apologies for taking this blog down the politics road but I feel compelled to care this week.



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