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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

House Hogging

When I come down off my political ranting I'm left with everything else that matter. As Adams called it, life, the universe, and everything. That's what really matters anyway. The presidential election matters as much to most people as that male stripper on American Idol or Roger Clemens. I can't say I blame people. Entertainment is what keeps you sane so I no longer hold it against people who choose to reject politics.


"Dood, I'd be so down with moving to hillier environs, but it would be tough to pull it off in NJ. We bought our house in Fall 1993, when the market was really good to us, and then re-fied in 2003, when rates were stupid-low. So now I have only ten years left on my mortgage, and the house is worth more than twice what we paid for it. If we sell, we're taking our bag o' cash and heading to western North Carolina. I'll get a job teaching HS or JC English, and Christine will learn to serve lattes at the local Starbucks or something. As interesting as this scenario is to us, it won't be happening, since we're not down with moving so far away from the families. I live a little over a mile from the ocean and barely care most of the time. Oh well."

If you move to NC I'm going to hunt you down and chain you in my basement. I hear ya on NJ housing though. The housing market blows right now and I don't think you can reasonably move unless you're ok with taking a loss. People in NJ just won't sell for what they think their house was worth 1.5 years ago. So unless you find someone to pay too much for your house, moving within NJ is a losing proposition.

Nat threw out the idea of moving but for now we've resettled on the idea of building up, especially since Nat now has so many ties with the community. Neither is cheap but moving is a dreadful headache and I like where we live. So for now we'll have to just get together and ride as best we can.


"That's an apt description for life: marvelous yet sad. There you have it - life is like hogging. So how did you come across this wikipedia entry, Norm? Doing research?"

I told Walter that when his wife is away I'm taking him out hogging. Then I Googled it in the event that he didn't know what it meant and the Wikipedia entry came up. I wasn't sure, you see, because I had asked him "how's tricks?" earlier in the day and he asked me what tricks were.

But now that you mention it, life is both marvelous and sad. Well said.

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  • At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Christine came up to Augusta with me for a cx race in November, and says, "If we could have a pool, I'd move up here" to which I replied, "Don't say another word, or I'll be looking for real estate tomorrow." Because we both really love the mountains, but she still wants the beach or a pool available. I don't think she digs lakes for this purpose. But, as we've already acknowledged, this ain't happening for us within NJ.

    The Carolina thing was born of the supposition that we could take a substantial profit from the sale of our house here, and likely buy a place with CASH down there. No mortgage and property taxes that are peanuts by NJ standards sounds awful good at age 41. Not to mention the quality of riding and outdoor activity in general available in western NC.


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