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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Super Dooper Thursday

Comments today...


"Fond memories of hearing Pearl Jam and the Chilli Peppers blaring through the halls of Davidson A all those years ago, Norm. Good times indeed."

Wow, long time no see, Jeff. Just when you think nobody reads your blog a character from 15 years ago pops up and says hello. I assume you found the link through the Grease Truck? Do you post there?

My musical tastes have diversified since then, I assure you. Having said that I'm still not entirely sold on TV on the Radio.


"Norm, I enjoy the random sometimes scattered thoughts...keep them coming dude! Sounds like you are training pretty intense too...good on ya mate. Football: I could not believe how Dallas blew it. They just didn't show up - mentally. I've been a Cowboy fan for the past 33 almost 34 years, and that was as disappointing as I can remember. Big Tom's hat must have fallen off some grand mantel. Iv'e also been a Colt fan since 1975...and could not believe what I was seeing! My two favorite teams losing critical games. Somewhere in time...Johnny U was groaning! Beer: I had some Hoegaarden on Sunday watching the games. I'm not a big beer drinker, but I like this one - light, and crisp. I do enjoy a good weiss as well now and then. Politics: This could take up the rest of blogging space until the end of time. But I will just say that I'm not a big fan of Clinton or Obama, nor anyone on the left for that matter. At the moment, I'm leaning towards McCain. I need a candidate who understands what Sovereignty is, and will protect it. A candidate who can direct the U.S. towards a stable, and strong economy - not strictly dependent on trade and service sectors to keep us afloat. Fios: I hear it is a great service, and it is a good alternative to the monopolizing bastards of comcast. As soon as it become available here...I'm in. More football: Since both my teams are out, I will now root for the elder and the wise, Favre. Us old guys have to stick together! NJ Transit: I hear there may be some issues with the Amtrak strike? As if getting to the City wasn't a pain in the ass enough...I sympathize with you brother. Hopefully, it doesn't impede on you too much. Big words: Hmmm, I can undeniably fathom how expressing oneself with such eloquent, sometimes complex words may reveal a certain...shall we say egocentric mood. Lest we say, fore it is not to overshadow, nor bolster within...but rather edify - if only for ourselves! LOL. When all else fails, the Scot's say fuck all! Hope all is well with you and Nat and Julia. Take care for now my blogging friend."

Hey George, good to hear from you. Training hard, for sure. On football, I'm torn right now. Having grown up a Cowboys fan I'm supposed to hate the Giants but suddenly I'm sick of Boston. At the same time, it would be classic to see a team go 19-0. Who isn't sick of the 1972 Dolphins?

On politics I think it's time to stop with the balls first approach to govermnent. Thankfully I think all those candidates are gone. Looks like we have Obama/Clinton versus McCain/Romney. Of them I'm least thrilled with Romney but the reality is that I know nothing about him. I'm not a left vs. right guy and I think anyone who takes that stand isn't helping the process. What I look for is someone who listens to reason, regardless of their current stance. To me both Obama and McCain do, which is good. I think Clinton would be fantastic for the country but right now she's turning into a political scumbag. Romney is cardboard so it's hard to like him. A lot of people see McCain as equivalent to Bush, and the fact that the White House quietly endorses McCain is a bit of a red flag. So maybe I'm errant in that assessment.

I envision Clinton versus McCain election with Clinton so polarizing the country that McCain walks in a landslide. I think Clinton will win the nomination because it will be a close call and their machine will sue and cheat its way to the nomination.

Another possibility is that Edwards backs Obama on Friday and Clinton is left fighting to counter that move on Monday among all the post-Super Bowl media coverage. In that scenario Obama has a big advantage on Super Duper Tuesday. I have to imagine the Clinton machine is doing everything they can to stall Edwards from doing that, though most seem to think Edwards has been bucking for the VP or Attorney General spot the whole time and Obama's side is likely the easier path to that. I think Obama has a legit chance against McCain.

Ah politics. I'm about sick of it already but I can't help but be interested in this coming Tuesday's primary mess. Should be fun.

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  • At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, it was sort of interesting on Tuesday. Though it seemed like clinton won the popular vote, in reality Obama won more delegates. I guess I could get on board with Obama, but definitely not clinton.

    Knowing about her economic policies, and her supposed tax plan, there is just no way. I come to that conclusion after reading Sowell. If she does what she plans as far as taxing big corporations, and providing government funded (i.e. - taxpayer funded) healthcare, we will suffer economically in the long-term.

    That is my assessment. It may not be popular, but I am confident that by applying basic sound capitalistic economic principles against a more social economic policy...
    A free market economy wins everytime. Sure it is flawed, but countless social economic models over the last 100 years are rotting in the grave. Nice idea on paper but they just don't work.

    She has done nothing to assure me or most of the country that more taxes, and additional government provided services is the answer to the lower and lower middle class income problem. I agree though that a fix is needed, but it has to be well thought out and more than just "Tax the rich"

    It seems that McCain will lead the charge on the GOP side, and over on the Dem side it could go either way as of now.

    Still a long way to go before the November elections.

    When Ten came out, it was like a musical revolution in my opinion. What a great album. Vs, Vitalogy, & Yield are also great. (Given to Fly - something about the melodic rhythm takes you away to a place in your childhood, or just somewhere where hope and attainment seems possible)I sort of stopped buying their stuff after Yield, I was a bit disappointed in the direction change. But a great band for sure.

    I found myself cheering for the Giants too. The Pats are a well run, organized team which I really appreciate, but it was good to see the local team win.

    Your training regiment seems to be taking its toll on the old legs eh? I'm sure it is one of those deals where you just have to get used to it...hmm, get used to the pain? Sure, isn't that what all the tough guys say? I suppose no pain no gain works for some, but everyone is different. You will figure out what works best for you, then it's look out for Norm...he'll be rolling up and over you...punk! : )

    Yea, winter blues over here man. Even though the hours of daylight are extending each day, it seems a long way off until warm days and sunshine!
    Keep pedaling dude.



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