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Monday, January 14, 2008

Scattered Monday

A lot of random thoughts on Monday so I doubt this will have any flow at all.

Change. I may have a potential change coming up soon. Good stuff. And no, it won't keep me off the bike. Right now that's all I'm going to say.

Football. I watched the end of both games yesterday and when it came down to it, both star QBs couldn't get it done. I grew up a Cowboys fan but don't care these days. But when they're on the TV in front of me, I'm drawn to root for them. Once again, the 4 best teams in football fail to make both championship games but on the NFC side of the ball you have a classic old-school football match-up. In New England I think you're going to see a slaughter. If I told you Friday that only 1 Manning would win this week...

Obama. Up until this point I've been an Obama lean. But with Clinton issue about Iraq and former president Bill calling Obama's view a "fairy tale" I think Obama really screwed the pooch on this one. The Obama camp retaliated and said it was a racist remark. What a joke. Perhaps Clinton's comment was bullshit, inaccurate, stupid. Who knows. But racist? Not remotely. Now when confronted with this Obama had every chance to take the high road and what did he do? Nothing. He let it linger. Basically they want every advantage they can get, so the candidate that we were led to believe wasn't going to play bullshit politics is doing exactly that. What's more, if Obama is elected are we going to have him playing the victim of racism every time some politician disagrees with him? This potentially does as much to polarize politics as anything all the other candidate do. Disappointing.

Fios. We had Fios installed yesterday, a process which took about 4 hours, 2 of which I was on the bike. We now have phone, cable, and internet through them and we should save something like $40 a month or so. It went about as smoothly as you could possibly expect. When I left for my ride he said I was going to take 6 hours. When I got back there was Peyton Manning choking away the game in crystal clarity and he was about done. The DVR receiver seems a bit flakey but I think that's the price of being in the post-beta rollout of this stuff.

The next few are bike. Skip ahead to beer if you want.

Bike. Saturday I had a really strong 2 hour ride of 36+ miles. When I was done my legs felt like they had done a race. Yesterday I did another 2 hours but without the same juice, just over 34 miles. When I was done I felt almost too good, but then when I walked down to the basement my legs were trashed. This morning I got up at 4:30 and banged out 3 sets of 20 minutes at threshold.

Yes, 4:30. My thinking is this. Well, I already explained my rationale for doing 4 days on, 3 off. So today and tomorrow the plan is to wake up 15 minutes earlier and stay on the bike 5-10 minutes longer at the end to make those Mon/Tue sessions close to 90 minutes. It makes those mornings a hair more hectic but it also allows me to "sleep in" until 6:00 an extra day during the week. So I lose 30 total minutes of sleep on those 2 days but I gain an hour of sleep on Friday.

So far, my 3 workouts have been really strong. Today's workout was better than last Monday's workout, which was the 4th day of a set. Today was day 3. But in those 3 days I've done 5.5 hours of quality work. The idea is to not waste much time and right now I'm not.

Beer. There is none. With the heavy bike load I find beer useless. When I'm tired and in need of rest and nutrition, beer simply doesn't taste good. The further in shape I get the less appealing it seems to me. I used to make Sunday evening my beer day. But that doesn't work anymore because it's smack dab in the middle of my block. You just can't get up at 4:30 if you have a few beers the night before. And I'm not talking about 12 beers. Just 3 wipes me out now.

Food. My daily goal is 8 total fruits and veggies. Ideally I want 4 and 4 but whatever. I also try to spread them out through the day as best I can. I find that if i reach the goal of 8, I simply don't eat as much of the higher calorie food. Basically if you're hungry and it's late afternoon, hey eat some carrots. If you're still hungry hit the almond butter.

Feedback. I've got at least 4 comments still to get on here, some from Steve, Jake, George, and Terren. Terren's needs a little more research but there was a lot of info that popped up on Google criticizing Freakonomics and the correlation between abortion and criminal statistics. But much of this also seemed to lead back to 1 source, though there were some mentions that the author of Freakonomics may have offered a mea culpa for that assertion. Still, those are all shit on the wall at this point and I certainly need to read more about it. The one thing that becomes obvious as I get older is that nothing is ever so simple.

Fin. That's all folks.

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