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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Throwing Down is Better Than Up

Let's get the ball rolling with some Coach G comments:


"Sounds like you are throwing down pretty hard. Good stuff. Questions: How long is your rest interval? What gearing for work/rest? You mentioned 92 rpm as slightly high- is 90 rpm your target cadence? Keep eating that fruit."

I am throwing down very hard especially compared to what I've done in the past. I commented to Walter, I think I'm finally understanding what they mean when they say, "You have to train in order to be able to train." I thought I understood last year but now I know I didn't. Having done some races undoubtedly helped that.

My rest interval is 4 minutes because I want to pare a few minutes off the workout to make sure I catch the train in time. In theory the workout calls for 5 minute rests. Now that I have the 4:30 am groove a little down I will likely go back to 5 next week.

The trainer bike is a mountain bike so my gearing is mountain specific. But the trainer also has resistance, so it basically comes down to this (roughly):

Work: big ring front, small ring rear, less 1. Resistance at 3. Say 44x14 at R3.
Rest: big ring front, small ring rear, less 2. Resistance at 1. Say 44x15 at R1.

I am targeting cadence this offseason more because I now see the value of really setting yourself into a certain cadence. I think this has helped me in those tempo rides because now my legs want to do 90. I've also seen that because I've been trying to keep the cadence higher I tend to slowly creep towards 100 and not realize it. Now I need to spend more time in the woods to see how well that all translates.

I was surprised at the 92 because it was the 3rd interval and with these I tend to hover in the 87-90 realm. So when I saw 92-94 with a few minutes to go I was happy with that. The last 2 minutes were tough so maybe I was really suffering from cadence creep at that point and paying for the higher power output.

Here's an odd thing. I felt really good all day Tuesday. Monday I was starting to get dog tired by the middle of the day but Tuesday I never hit the energy lull that usually comes on the last day of the block. And considering I was tired Monday, I expected it to be bad Tuesday. I started to fade a hair around 3:00 but some Brazil nuts and a pear helped a bit.

This morning marks my return to pre-vacation weight. That's a big milestone this early in the game. I've gone a bit militant with my eating habits but the reality is that yesterday I ate the following foods (among other things): egg, ham, avocado, meatballs, Brazil nuts, almonds, cashews, peanut butter, ice cream, almond butter, potato pancake, and a chicken thigh with skin.
My point is two-fold. Eating doesn't have to be boring and tasteless. There are plenty of healthy foods that are good for you. But moderation is huge. One egg is 75 calories. A small slice of ham is 50. The chicken thigh is small, I eat 1-2 almonds at a time, and so on. Mingled in there I also had a mango, pear, tangerine, apple, asparagus, broccoli, and carrots. Mix it all up and it's not so bad.

Saw 185 today. Hopefully I can keep this up and make a full court press on the 170s by the end of February. 181 is the new short-term goal because I haven't been there since grade school.

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  • At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Cool. I assumed a 5 minute rest interval would be a good choice.

    Since you're time-limited, how long do you warm up before the work begins? I find I can't get much accomplished on the trainer w/o at least a 10 minute warmup, and I usually do 20, particularly for high-rpm, intense stuff.

  • At 8:47 PM, Anonymous George said…


    I enjoy the random sometimes scattered thoughts...keep them coming dude!

    Sounds like you are training pretty intense too...good on ya mate.

    I could not believe how Dallas blew it. They just didn't show up - mentally. I've been a Cowboy fan for the past 33 almost 34 years, and that was as disappointing as I can remember. Big Tom's hat must have fallen off some grand mantel.

    Iv'e also been a Colt fan since 1975...and could not believe what I was seeing!
    My two favorite teams losing
    critical games. Somewhere in time...Johnny U was groaning!

    I had some Hoegaarden on Sunday
    watching the games. I'm not a big beer drinker, but I like this one - light, and crisp. I do enjoy a good weiss as well now and then.

    This could take up the rest of blogging space until the end of time. But I will just say that I'm not a big fan of Clinton or Obama, nor anyone on the left for that matter.
    At the moment, I'm leaning towards McCain. I need a candidate who understands what Sovereignty is, and will protect it. A candidate who can direct the U.S. towards a stable, and strong economy - not strictly dependent on trade and service sectors to keep us afloat.

    I hear it is a great service, and it is a good alternative to the monopolizing bastards of comcast. As soon as it become available here...I'm in.

    More football:
    Since both my teams are out, I will now root for the elder and the wise, Favre. Us old guys have to stick together!

    NJ Transit:
    I hear there may be some issues with the Amtrak strike?
    As if getting to the City wasn't a pain in the ass enough...I sympathize with you brother. Hopefully, it doesn't impede on you too much.

    Big words:
    Hmmm, I can undeniably fathom how expressing oneself with such eloquent, sometimes complex words may reveal a certain...shall we say egocentric mood. Lest we say, fore it is not to overshadow, nor bolster within...but rather edify - if only for ourselves! LOL. When all else fails, the Scot's say fuck all!

    Hope all is well with you and Nat and Julia. Take care for now my blogging friend.



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