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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I'm not dead, at least not yet. I figure the low volume of this blog is a natural fluctuation of life. Or it stands as a statement that not much happens in my brain right now other than biking. Well there's eating, sleeping, and work, but that's not insanely interesting.

Of course there's family, child, or should I say, not sleeping child. I think most of you guys who read this have children so I'll be preaching to the choir a bit with this, but boy children can really be a bear sometimes. Julia is teething again. I say "again" but it's been like 5 months now these molars are coming in. The 4th one is trying to break through and boy does it suck at night. I've long since been driven out of the bedroom but even last night she woke me up. It didn't help that Nat was yelling in agony about not being able to take it.

So as much as I love her more than anything, I think one child is enough. I just don't want to go through this again. I'm skating on the verge of being sick again, which is a cycle I go through every 3 weeks. I have 2 canker sores right now which is an indication of not resting enough. Your body gets more infections when you're struggling to rest and right now is yet another one of those times. The 2 sores make existing difficult. Eating, drinking, talking, and sometimes doing nothing all leave me in screaming pain. Usually the crux of it passes in 2 days or so but today is day 3 and they're still going strong. Drinking water hurts. WTF?

I have another race this weekend and when that's done I'll probably contemplate cutting the season again at that point. At least I may just skate through the last 3 weeks and see what happens at Ringwood. No matter what I need to get more sleep.

Eating is going fine but I may be taking in too few calories during the day which is causing my body to shut down and then rebound and overeat. I'm trying to nail down how many calories I need and how to distribute them through the day. This is the kind of micromanagement I need to do to get into the 170s. Yesterday I tried 1800 which seemed to work better than the 1600 of the previous day. But I also took them in more evenly where Monday I was sparse during the day and heavier at night. I often wake up in the middle of the night starving so I eat. Monday night was bad but yesterday was much better. Those calorie numbers are before bed. It may turn out that 2000 works better.

So that's life. After my workout today I made myself an egg, turkey, cheese, and avocado wrap which would have been awesome if it didn't hurt to eat.



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