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Friday, September 21, 2007

Wash Behind Your Ears

It's been a pretty crummy week here at the ranch. First of all I have no ranch. Second of all those damn canker sores have just killed me all week. Yesterday was a little better and this morning I can definitely tell they're clearing up. But brushing my teeth last night was about as painful as anything could be. The details in life.

I'm pretty bummed right now because my PC at home seems to have a corrupt disk and it won't boot. It's the same old sob story you've heard 1000 times and it sucks donkey dick. All our digital pictures, my biking logs for 8 years, all the various bike files and maps, resume, and whatever else. The computer has never acted right and this is probably a swan song of sorts. I still have hope I can make it work just to recover all my stuff. I suppose we may need to pay real cash money for a pro to take a hack at it for the data alone.

Backup your files.

Wash behind your ears.

My weight is sorta totally stagnant but at the same time I feel like I'm getting thinner. I look thinner in the mirror, I feel thinner, clothes are looser. Scale says 186 today which is +1 from last Friday but the weekly average is 186.14 which is -0.29 from a week ago. So it goes slowly but consistently down. I think my body is still adjusting from the -7 change in the first week.

My slow chewing plan has been scrapped for the week because chewing hurts like nobody's business. I either take small bites and just get it over with or huge bites and inhale as fast as I can. Tasting food this week is a mere happenstance if my tongue gets in between my hand and my stomach.

Weekend weather looks great. I'll be out for an hour or so tomorrow then I get to watch Julia until nap time. Nat is going out to lunch with Cheryl. Maybe I'll swing by Terren's or take her for a bike ride. As soon as I put the child seat on the old Trek the weather turned cold.

Starting to think about the off-season and the bike already, which means picking up some of my bike books and rereading them on the train to work. I have some things I want to focus on in order to make 2008 more productive. I may race mostly, if not all, XC next year. Bouncing around the idea of doing the whole H2H series.

Friday friday friday. Get it done and get home so you can enjoy the weekend weather.

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