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Friday, September 07, 2007


Now that I have the training blog on the other site this one is really useless. Admittedly the other one is useless too but I never claimed anything I wrote was of use to anyone anyway.

Friday morning and I'm tired. Lack of sleep is catching up to me. I think I need to face the reality that I'm doomed to a life of partial hell in terms of rest until my daughter is at least 38 years old. My legs aren't tired so much as my overall being. I'm also thirsty as hell as I only drank one glass of water this morning. They need vendors on the train.

I've flat-lined at 187 since Tuesday despite carrying at least a 1000 calorie deficit every day this week. Of course I dropped 7 pounds last week so it's a bit of a stabilization. I was 186 Sunday and Monday and I was hoping to see that on the scale this morning, even though I knew it wasn't going to happen. I woke up feeling lethargic and bloated which I've read will happen when you don't take in enough liquids. I'm certainly not drinking as much water these days. Maybe 12 cups a day but not much at night so I dry up as the sun goes down.

Seems like 187 is some barrier I need to pound on for now. I gotta say this weight loss stuff is fucking tedious. Some days I just want to say fuck it and remain a middling fatso who rides his bike for leisure because it seems like the rules are just fucking different for some of us. I burn 3500 every day, eat 2000-2500 and nothing all week. How did I manage to see 182 earlier this year? Oddly my clothes are all looser than ever right now. My size 35 pants are close to needing a belt.

I know, stay the course. Weight loss is not linear. I just seem to have one of these body types that will stockpile excess water and waste. Again, the evolutionary advantage to this is what again? Hey I'm being attacked by a bear, let me shit 3 pounds! That'll sure help!

Race this Sunday. I'll try to get as much sleep as I can the next 2 mornings and hopefully that storm doesn't hit us on Sunday. I paid for my race already so unless it's canceled or my car can't make it I'm racing that bitch. Even if it's me and Fred and nobody else fighting for that podium I'll be there. Having said that I sure hope it doesn't rain because it makes a mess of the trails and my bike.

Do Buddhists race mountain bikes?

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