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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rug on the Path

I'm sitting on the Path on the way to Hoboken. What a crazy fucking day at work. Anymore it's all like that so it's SOP at this point. My days go by really fast which means I'm back home before you know it and the weekend is right around the corner ever day. Sweet!

Some guy just got on the train with a rug. Can't make this shit up.

Tomorrow is Tuesday which will be today by the time I publish this and who the fuck knows what day when you read it. I'm not going to do sprints again tomorrow I just don't think it stresses me enough in the "right" way for mtb racing. So I'm going to pick a close hill and sprint up it a bunch of times. I need bigger hills near the house.

The rug just got off.

Just planned out my next 3 weeks which is the rest of my 4 week build. Everything right now is centered on the 24 hour race which is first of 2 "A" races of the year. The other A race is the All-A-Moochy 50k which could be 100k as the year wears on. We'll see.

It seems kinda fucked up that in the first week of June I'm discussing my A races at the end of August and early October. Like a retard I'm starting to think about throwing in the Wilderness 101 in early August because, well, I'm a retard. We'll call that an X race because if I do it I'll probably be naked and vomiting by mile 50 like some X-rated Japanese porn.

It works out that my next race is the KVSP race on the very last day of the build. That's great in terms of ending a build period but bad in terms of expected performance. That week has me on a 6 hour ride the day before the race. Not the best way to slide into a race but it's a C race so you don't interrupt training for a C race. Or so Joe Friel says.

After that there's 1-3 races in the build 2 period then the last A race to end the season. I may toss some other crap in there if it makes sense, but right now nothing set in stone.

I'm feeling good these days. Last week was the first of my 4 week build period and it was fairly high volume. In total just a hair over 10 hours which is my second biggest total on the year. But I feel really good right now. I think I'm getting to the point where I've trained enough so I can really train now. The next 3 weeks should be interesting to watch. I mean, well interesting for me.

[Insert overnight pause here. Fade to Tuesday morning.]

Now I'm on the train to work. It really is Tuesday morning at this point so tomorrow is today, and so on. I didn't sprint up any hills today but I did climb a whole shitload of them. If I had to guess I would say 12 at least. Total vertical 1300 feet according to the GPS but there's no way that's accurate since each climb is about 150 feet or more. 24 total minutes of climbing and that was plenty. Damn I am plain old tuckered out as they say. Next week I guess we shoot for 25-30 minutes of climbing.

The problem with this is that the climbs are too short. They're steep hills but still too short. The bigger hills are just a bit too far away for morning riding. I don't know maybe I just need to bite the bullet and go 10 minutes earlier so I can climb the big boys. It probably doesn't matter much but I think mentally it's easier to get into your groove and chug away on the longer hills.

Another option is something Coggan suggests which is a 5-8 minute time trial that you do 4-6 times. Might be good to use the virtual partner on the GPS for that. I'll have to come up with a nice loop to it on.

Tuesday here which means Saturday is on the weather forecast, currently looking fine for riding. My current plan is to go to Round Valley for 2 hours Saturday and then drop the bike off at the shop on the way home. Slight detour but not too bad. I'd like to avoid the hectic pre-race I had last time so now is the time to take care of that.

Time for the work pressure cooker to get fired up. Sitting at this desk all day really makes the legs stiff. But then it beats shovelling shit all day.



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