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Monday, June 04, 2007

My New Breakfast Routine

I've been quiet lately but it's not for a lack of biking or life in general. After the pre and post race stuff life just takes on a quiet "so it goes" feel and that's all good for the most part. Here's a quick update on how the world goes, as it turns, cookie crumbles, whatever.

The Thursday after the race I put out the fastest average ever on a road bike, or any bike for that matter. I did a sort of time trial but I'm sure I can go slightly harder so that record may soon fall. You can see the ride here:

Then Brett and I went out and did 3/4 of the All-A-Moochy course the Saturday after that:

I felt really good on this ride and Brett said several times it was all he could do to keep up. Well until the flats where he seems to motor off like a rabbit. The downhills he said I ride at "terminal velocity." I said if I'm lugging that dual-suspension up the hill I'm damn well going to bomb down it.

Last week was a bit of working out my new week structure and since I wasn't totally happy with it I won't bore you with the details. This is only going to last 4-5 weeks anyway until the next build.

Saturday I went solo to Mahlon and was having a great ride until the GPS could no longer keep me on course. I was in the 9.0 mph average realm until the gibberish at the top of this map:

It was a good ride regardless. I may try and follow this track again this coming weekend. Or I may coerce Brett to meet me at 6:30 again Saturday for a 2+ hour loop at the Mooch. Or maybe Round Valley since it's been a while so it's about high time I get my ass handed to me by that park again.

Yesterday was a big road ride. Felt good until the last 30 when I started to get a little twinge here and there. I probably hit those big hills a little too fast:

Monday morning feel great. 8+ hours of sleep last night is good stuff.

On all my rides mentioned I've been using my new breakfast routine. It goes as such:

8 total cups of water
Egg and cheese sandwich on multi grain bread (2 eggs, slice of cheese, 2 slices of bread)
Cup of coffee
2 scoops Accelerade right before ride, with salt
2 endurolytes

So far this has me able to jump out of the box feeling good. This works much better than the carb-tastic meals I had been eating. So I think I may have finally nailed down the pre-ride meal at this stage.

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