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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Result and Pic

Oh look I came in tied for 11th out of 17 starters:

Oh look dork on a bike:

You know I don't look like as much of a dork as I usually do. I almost look like a real rider, whatever that means. My face is much thinner than I think it is. I guess when you're a fat bastard your whole life you kinda just assume. My wife says I look like my father.

That's almost a wrap. I've tied the cramping to heat. I didn't cramp in October when it was 35 degrees at the start. And I cramped at the 24 hour race when it was hot. And this weekend when it was hot. So heat, salt, water losses. Going to buy endurolytes which I've avoided but I need to bite the bullet because these cramps need to end.

Now that's a wrap. On to the next build. Tomorrow morning time to throw the leg over again.

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