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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Loading Up

On to carb loading now, the limited version. Did a quick spin on the road bike today with an absolute blow out effort on a hill leading into a flat, about 5 minutes of balls out effort. I warmed up for 15 minutes before that, then spun around for another 25 minutes after that, threw a few hills in because it felt like a waste to go out for such a short ride. Just under 46 minutes total. Now the rest of the day is loading up with carbs, the cleaner (read: fruit) the better.

Car is all packed, checklist all checked. The rear derailleur is 90% I'd say. I can get most of the gears except the smallest and no big deal there since tomorrow is a lot of climbing. The housing on the rear derailleur needs to either be loaded with lube or changed. It wasn't the derailleur after all. Took it off and teflon lubed it up and it was fine. This morning after a night of setting in, everything seemed a lot better. Now it's all in the car.

Slept 8+ last night and woke up refreshed at about 7:00. Good stuff. Tonight won't be a whole lot of sleep but if I can pull in 6+ of sound sleep I'll be happy, 7 and I'll be thrilled. Weather not looking amazing right now but it is what it is. I threw in the Panaracer Cinders in case it's pouring tomorrow because the deep tread on those are likely better in the mud. Unless it's a downpour though I'm sticking with the Specialized Resolutions.

Going with a cooler tomorrow on pit row, a second bottle, some GU, Clif bars, extra gloves, jersey, and whatever else I deem worthy of a pit stop will be thrown in there. First bottle is 600 calories and the second 400. Figure 3 laps and 2 laps, or 3 & 1, or 2 & 1, 2 & 2, who knows.

Now I just need to figure out how to get 180+ grams of carbs out of breakfast tomorrow. It's hard enough figuring out how to get that many carbs without just eating 4 bagels. Doing it all at once will really be a challenge. Hey, but you gotta top off the tanks before you go. I have a feeling I'll be taking a pit stop along the way.

OK, over and out. Breakfast post depending on what time I wake up. Roll out is 5:30 tentative. Aside from the 45 minutes of gorging there's really not much to do.

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  • At 6:55 PM, Blogger Terren said…

    Good luck Norm! I'm pulling for you. And by that I mean I'm masturbating ferociously.


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