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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Less Proof

Today I woke up feeling refreshed and my 45 minutes on the trainer were great. Kept an almost 21 average for the tempo session which is a good number. Trainer averages don't translate precisely to the road. It's just a metric. A little boring but I'm all basement this week I haven't put my new blinkey on the bike yet so road riding early is on-hold without the rear blinking light. The one Cliffy gave me shit the bed last week. Thanks for the blinks anyway, Clifford.

So my wife picked up a spoke for me yesterday at the Assholes R Us local bike shop. Aside from belittling her in front of the people there, the guy made her wait for 10 minutes while he apparently went to take a crap or something. Whatever, I guess. Despite the fact it's a huge shop I've always hated it because the people who work there are douche bags. Of course this just cements that opinion.

Oh and they gave her the wrong spoke. So not only is the dick head condescending he doesn't know what the fuck he's doing. Big surprise there.

I ended up using an old spoke from the SS bike. A bit long but it doesn't stick up past the rim so it will work. I didn't get the loctite so the wheel is still not put back together but it's a simple matter at this point. Also didn't tackle the derailleur yet so you don't have to read about how much the overpriced XTR components don't perform up to their price point. Actually it came with the bike so whatever.

Got my chromium bearings and Phil Wood grease yesterday so next week you get to read all about my idiotic attempts to repack my road bike hubs properly. That should be fun.

Also got the Garmin 205 which does me no good this week. It should come in handy on Memorial Day weekend though. I may download my friend Sean's Allamuchy hat trick tracks and follow that. It's a 3 park loop connected by a rail trail and a very small amount of road. Should be 40 miles or so on the mountain bike. That sounds a lot tougher than it is. Another option is trying to get a track of the 50k to ride. Now that's only 30 miles but much harder.

OK getting ahead of myself. Race in 3 days but I feel good. Printed out the directions so now I just need to get my bike together, run a warm up on Saturday, then pack my stuff. I picked up a 6 pack of Saranac caramel porter Tuesday night so I'm all set for the post race celebration.

* Update from work...

Man I have to say I have some serious spring in my step today. I know it's a bit of a gay expression but I have to point towards the light-load week and say there's a good chance that's why I feel so good. Hopefully this is how I feel Sunday. I've also figured that I really should go for broke and try to post 45 minute laps. Worst case I know after 1 lap that I can't pull it off and I ease back on the throttle. Best case I go for it again on lap 2.

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  • At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    LOL! Those douchy douche bags!
    Yea, the high & the mighty bike shop wankers will spoil your fun everytime Norm! May the fleas of a million dirty camels infest their elitist bike shorts...on the next ride!



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