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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More Notes on the Recap

Here are a few things I posted on the bike forums...

As mentioned in other posts I had a great time and enjoyed the course. I really don't have much in the way of stories, which I guess is a good thing. Though an odd thing did happen on my last lap, my sole Sunday morning lap. As I was getting close to the aid station I hear a guy yelling ahead on the trail. "Uh oh," I think. Doesn't sound good. As I get closer I see a guy running towards me. Bigger fellow, wearing a red vest, screaming, "ARE YOU OK?! ARE YOU HURT?!"

"Crap," I think. This guy is 100 feet away, running towards me. And in between us, nothing is moving. Nothing. I'm dreading the scene I'm going to find between myself and the guy running down the trail. Well, the space gets smaller and smaller and I continue to look left and right for the object of his attention. Eventually, the space dissolves to nothing. He's standing next to me, asking, "Did someone crash? Is anyone hurt?"

Surprised, I reply that nobody near us went down. The 2 guys with me, following by a few minutes, roll up and confirm this. Nobody down, nothing wrong. The guy explains he heard brakes squealing and a crash. So he ran this way and a few bikers who were at the aid station rode the other way. Maybe 5 minutes later and nothing transpires. We assume it's a couple of trees doing a tango and one of them crashing. The medic is unconvinced but has nothing else to go on.

This was about 8:30 Sunday morning.

Oh and the last hill, on my first lap. Those of you who rode it know how brutal it was. As I'm riding up I'm keeping pace, a meager 3-4 mph or so. The guy in front of me is huffing and I mean HUFFING his way up the hill. I'm getting closer, but trying to keep distance so when he bails I'll have a few feet to announce I'm passing. But we go up and up and he's not bailing. I'm getting closer and closer, the guy behind me is getting closer to me. At one point his front tire rubs my back tire.

"Crap," he yells, and he's off his bike. I trudge along, inches behind the guy in front of me, who by now must be approaching his max HR, going up at maybe 2 mph. I'm burning too, for sure. I'm not so confident that I want to pass him, since a guy going 2.2 mph past a guy going 2 is a recipe for disaster. So I'm inches behind him, the guy behind me has clipped back in, inches from me. He too doesn't want to risk passing. He's rubbing my tire, I'm rubbing the guy in front. We're a sight, I'm sure.

Finally we reach a slight flat in the hill - or maybe the guy bailed I forget - and we pass him. But I didn't unclip!

Good stuff. Thanks to all involved.


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