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Thursday, August 24, 2006


The engine isn't quite fired up and ready to go just yet. But it is being wheeled out of the hangar as the time draws near. In 48 hours from now I'll be in camp, an hour away from the pre-race meeting and 2 hours away from the start of the race. My race strategy is to be the last person of the solo group to leave the boy scout camp (which serves as the base of the race). From there, it's a slow and steady pace until I can't ride anymore. I'm not breaking any course records, for sure.

Yesterday my wonderful wife went to the food store and bought all the items I needed, which allowed me to stay home last night and do all the food prep I could. Food prep includes taking cereal out of boxes, opening the bags to let the air out, pre-slicing cheese, cooking and preparing pasta in big plastic bags, and so on. The idea is to reduce as much volume as possible. I have a few more things to get (pizza, bagels, sandwich). But these are Friday details.

The gear list is rounding out and there's not much in terms of major items to take care of. Hopefully tomorrow is an easy day with minor details, registration, and camp setup. But last night was a double snag in what will surely be a line of snags from now until the end of the weekend. First off, Woody is in Georgia and isn't sure when he'll be back. So his plans on being at my house tonight are right out the window. Best case he gets back to Massachusetts tonight and makes it down tomorrow sometime. Worst case he rolls into the boy scout camp in 48 hours from now.

And then last night I got a meager 6 hours of sleep. At 4:00 the child decided to crap out the back of her pants then spit up all over herself. Not a big tragedy but she needed to be changed and wiped down, then she was wide awake for a little bit after that. The saving grace is that she's so damn cute sometimes. These crap and spit episodes do nothing to hamper her good spirits.

Ok, lunch is around the corner which marks the halfway point of my last work day of the week. I have nothing here. I'm trying to keep things nice and quiet, then get out of here early so I can go home for a final spin and nail down a few small details before I go to bed. The packing list is pretty simple and the food prep is basically done. I need to top off the lights. Other than that, we're ready to go. Bring on endless amounts of pain and suffering!


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