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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Now we're really getting close, and I'm getting stoked. Halfway done with day #3 at work, a measly 1.5 to go. Last night I got out for a road bike ride, about 30 minutes with a 10 minute warmup, 15 minutes of very good effort, and a light cool down. They say it keeps the blood pumping while not tiring you out, and I have to agree. I felt pretty good last night and the same today. I got better sleep last night, rolling up about 7.5 hours. Hopefully tonight I can do the same, and the following 2 nights pull in about 8 each.

Other than the ride I really didn't do much last night. I did toss a few more things in the pile downstairs, and I took a good look at my camp list and determined that it really won't take long to get everything ready to go. A few things need to be done sooner than later, like a little food prep and charging my lights. But all in all, even if I wait until Friday to do that stuff, there will be more than enough time.

Nat is going to the store for me today, to pick up all the foods that I want to bring. After reading my list, she proclaimed, "Dinty Moore beef stew? I cannot buy such garbage." I had to explain to her that I had just read a post on the Endurance Racing forum on MTBR about a guy who was 100 miles into his ride this weekend, having eaten nothing but sports drinks and bananas, and rolled up to the last pit stop and quit. After a bowl of Dinty Moore and a cup of coffee, he was good to go and said he enjoyed the rest of the ride more than anything else that day.

So Dinty Moore it is, regardless of how absurd it sounds. I will also need to pick up a few other emergency foods. Currently I think that amounts to an entire cold pizza and a prepared sandwich of some sort. This is, after all, a long freaking day on the bike.


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