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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


A meager 3 work days to go. Last night I got 2 things done, the first being to make sure that I can put my bike on the Thule sled on the car. I thought this would involve me cutting the sled to be able to fit the disc brake on the front fork, but lo and behold it cleared the sled by mere millimeters. No hacksaw needed. Bonus!

After that I took the bike off and cleaned up a bit. Brushed off the dirt as best I could and then wiped down parts of the frame to make it looked nice, since looking nice promotes fastness. I adjusted the brakes to make sure they don't rub. I should probably bring this back to the shop someday for a proper adjustment but time never eases up. I'll survive.

Tonight is a light ride, nothing more than 30 minutes with a few bursts of intensity to keep the legs in the game, so to speak. Maybe I can make a trip to the food store also. Or maybe I can throw a few more things into the packing pile, which is another thing I started last night. I managed to get 7 hours of sleep, and I'm thinking that the haircut might just have to get skipped due to lack of time. After all, sloppy haircuts promote fastness too.


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