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Monday, August 21, 2006


The countdown begins. Only 4 work days remain between now and the big race. I took Friday off because registration and camp setup are done the day before. So here we are, 4 inconsequential work days to go. How do we feel? Physically as ready as I'm going to be, given the circumstances. We can talk about next year and a full & proper training plan. But that's far too forward looking. What we have is now, this week, the race at hand.

So the only goal of the week is to get enough sleep, an endeavor that got off to a poor start last night with a 6 hour tally. After driving a total of 6.5 hours to Massachusetts and back, I didn't get to sleep until 11:00. Our little monster decided to wake me up at 5:20 this morning, after which I was not able to get back to bed. It's only a start, we have 5 more nights to catch up.

Riding will be light this week, but prep will be heavy. I have started a list of things which need to get done, among them a haircut and bike prep. I haven't cleaned the bike in 2 weeks since riding has been so dry. But it's gotten a little dirty, time to spruce it up a bit and make sure it's all ready to go. That won't take long but you don't want to wait until the last minute for that stuff. Anything last minute is a bad idea.

Other crap includes food shopping and gear prep. When I get home from work Thursday I don't want to do much other than a few last minute details, such as going for my a quick ride as well as food prep, essentially the things you can't do early in the week. After that, it's clean sailing til registration, with the obvious caveat that there will be things I forgot to do.

Friday is registration & camp setup, then back home for some family time and a good night's sleep. We're not doing a preride this year because it makes no sense. We're not racing. The first lap can serve as our preride. We'll have many laps after that to make up for the mistakes of not knowing the course that well. As of right now, I have to alter my previous over/under from 4.5 to 6.5. I don't really feel that comfortable saying I'm in great physical shape or anything. But I think I'm decent, and I'm well prepared to pace myself well from the gun. We'll see.


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