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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wayback 6/29/2008 - Bulldog Rump

State championship, 2008:

So I would never say something like this before the race but this one was pretty important to me because I screwed the pooch on the Stewart race. I was in good shape coming into this one and I had tapered off a bit because I wanted this to be a good one. I didn't want to be thinking about it for the next 10 weeks until Ringwood.

I got off to a great start and was 4th after the first field section, then 3rd shortly after that. Things stayed like that, with the 4th place guy behind me through the end of the first lap and into the Root Wall into lap 2 where he got off/on his bike faster and I slipped to 4th. This is the series #2 guy to this point. Shortly after, the series leader passed me and I dropped to 5th.

Second lap was just that. I tried to keep the 3/4 guys in sight but they're really expert-pace riders and I wasn't able to hang. I had gone out a hair hot so I was keeping a steady tempo pace the best I could because I didn't want to blow. It was hot. At the end of lap 2 one of the guys I often battle with was going back and forth with me. On the climb he passed me but I kept him in sight. So I was 6th after 2 laps.

During lap 3 I was caught by 2 more guys, 1 of which I know from racing named Aaron. He's ahead of me in the series because I bagged the Stewart race so it was imperative to keep him behind me. Meanwhile, another guy in the series hunt passed us both, dropping us to 7/8.

As we entered the field the 5 and 6 guys were less than 100 yards, Aaron passed me and I just kept pace with him and we caught the 6 guy. The 5 guy had a bit left in the tank and was out of touch. Going up the hill it was a battle for 6-7-8. I managed to pass Aaron *at the tree* to beat him by less than a second. If I had another 10 feet I think I would have beaten the 6 guy as well.

In all, I was very happy with this race. I'm not really concerned with 6 or 7 or 8. Once I dropped from that lead pack I just wanted to keep it respectable and find my groove and finish strong. I was 10 seconds off 5th place, which I'm happy with.

I remember this one a lot more vividly as Aaron and I battled a lot this season. He was a good guy but I think gave up racing after 2008. I seem to remember seeing his name maybe once or twice last year but he seems to have fallen from the race scene.


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