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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Coffee Comments

I'm sorry, I don't know what to name these posts anymore. You'll have to forgive me.

I'm taking the rare opportunity to blog at work this morning because work is so, so slow. I automated one of the build processes last week so when it came in last night I Was done with it in 6 minutes. I need more stuff like that to automate. It keeps me interested. But right now so little is coming in that I don't have a lot of material to work with.

I already finished my coffee but it was one of those moments when you smell the coffee and you're like, "Oh, that's just so perfect right now." By the end it was getting cold and not as good. I have like 50 comments to reply to.


i just felt obligated to comment. :)

Thanks. I'm glad someone is till reading/commenting. I can't blame you guys for bowing out because I don't update this thing very often. I just don't ride the train enough anymore.


There are better ways to freeze your ass off on your birthday. For example you could join us for a little football and tailgating. Just a thought.

I had no car at the time, so there ya go. If I had gone they would have lost anyway. I am the bad luck omen of RU football.

I was going to try and get to a game this year, but I have to be honest in saying I just never had any motivation to go. I just don't drink much anymore and I'm more or less bored by football. I don't think I watched a single quarter of pro or college football this year. Just not interested.

I made my fantasy football playoffs but lost to Terren. I asked myself why I bother playing anymore. The only reason I hung in there is because I got lucky with the draft and didn't have to change my lineup in the last 6 weeks. I score 98 and lost. I did nothing for over a month. I'm more interested in taking pictures of my basement and posting on flickr.

Man, my inbox is full of crap. I can't even find my old comments to comment on.

I ride my bike a lot still. I have a chance to hit 4000 miles on the road this year.



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