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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Music By Terren


"I've been getting into the new Weezer album. You might have seen their new Pork and Beans video on youtube, since it's a sort of celebration of the last 5 years of youtube celebrity. Which is a brilliant idea for a video, if you think about it. Weezer is kind of like Queen, in that it's as much about theater as it is about rock. And like Queen, it's no substitute - they really do rock. Can't go wrong with Ween. Guess I like bands that start with Wee.

"I liked Sigur Ros's breakout album, but thought subsequent ones were too pretentious.. haven't given them much of a shot since. I think Beck peaked with Midnight Vultures but I don't think my opinion there is a common one. I like The Information though, which I think is the most recent one before the new one. Love Clinic. Portishead is interesting but have to be in the right mood for them. Both bands definitely occupy their own little corner of the music universe.

"You should overbake a chocolate cake so you can't tell right away it's burnt. Dress it up real nice with a doily and powdered sugar on top... don't let them off with icing. Slice it beforehand so nobody gets a clue by cutting it."

I'm glad you mentioned Weezer because I had fused Ween and Weezer into one band. It wouldn't really be funny if I took the WEE from Ween and the ZER from Weezer and made WEEZER. So let's call it WEEZEREEN. That's not funny either. I had lost the distinction between the bands, kinda like how Iron Maiden and Judas Priest will always occupy the same small corner of my mind because I listened to them at the same stage of life, back when people were spinning Ozzy records backwards and jumping out of buildings or eating rat poison or whatever they were doing after listening to Mister Crowley the wrong way.

I also started listening to Rush and Van Halen at the same time, a few years after Billy Joel and Air Supply, which was a few years after Captain Kangaroo and Big Bird. I think Dokken and Ratt occupy a shared corner as well. You know what blows my mind is that every time AMG releases the weekly letter of new releases one of those bands is on it, as if the world was eagerly awaiting Dokken's Greatest Japanese Hits. Another pair is Deep Purple and Bad Company.

I was thinking of Weezer and the Pork and Beans. That's what I wanted to buy. Did you buy that or steal it? Have you noticed that you can no longer get free music with the Google search I sent you a while ago? Seems like that Internet wormhole closed really fast. If you bought it, or stole it, can I have a copy?

The dessert idea loses steam rapidly. First of all it takes effort, which sucks. I really wish I could get an overbaked cake by blogging about hot Asian chicks on the train. But I'd actually have to make the stupid thing and then stand there while nobody pays me any mind as I giggle thinking how funny my blog is going to be the Monday after the town picnic.

Secondly, Nat probably won't let me live down the fact our house will smell like burnt cake for the next 6 months. Even though I love cake, that admittedly could be a bit much. I'm sure I'd also ruin a pan in the process. I know we sometimes errantly look back to times past and think things were better, but wasn't life a little easier when it didn't matter if you ruined a baking sheet or dropped mushrooms and took the magic markers to the kitchen?

Maybe I could just take a pound of nails and cover it with sugar water and dole it out like punch.

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