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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chicago Stuff

Chicago is so last week. Yet my world has gone into BC and AC to an extreme degree. Boston College and Air Conditioning. BC I was pretty limited on the amount of work I was doing on any given day. In general if I had 4 hours of work to do it was a lot. AC, I'm basically swamped from the time I get in to the time I leave. It's a good thing, as I'm able to contribute in a signifcant way now. There's a lot more work in this group than I thought at first. That's a good thing.

A few Chicago comments:


"WTF?! I was just in Chicago today. Quick out-n-back day trip. My flight out of Newark was taking off at about the time you were going thru security there. And I was already done with my biz and getting dropped off at the airport in Chicago to leave at the same time you were getting into your cab there. (Like I said, quick trip.) We were probably within shouting distance of each other twice today. Small world. Happy trails, Woody"

Small world bro. I guess if we both did that Twitter shit we would have known that and maybe I could have saved you a trip unless you were there to shit on I-90.


"Hey chief, looks like its Lake Michigan. 12:30 and beers, I bet Wednesday hurt. Glad to see things are productive for you out there."

Yeah I should have remembered that the only Great Lake entirely in the US is Michigan. I found the water fascinating on the way back, and learned that there are a few little islands on the western part of Lake Erie. I saw them and the fact that they were completely developed and was a little surprised. Check out Google Maps sometime and you'll see what I mean about it. It's called something like Pelee Island.

Anyway, gotta be honest that I'm looking forward to going back. Just not for 5 days.

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