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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Life of a Blender

Don't ask me, sometimes there's just no useful title to give a blog post


"I've seen the new trains as well. Do you walk in and have the option to go up or down? Agree good call on the nixxing of the flip flop seats. A few days late but I bought Nicole the new Weezer and shes really liking it."

Each side, front and back, has 2 doors about 5 feet apart from one another. They both open up to this vestibule area where you can go up a few steps or down a few steps. Now that I think about it, this is another zero seat area which is surprising. I'm back on the 6:58 this morning because my ride got rained out and I'll be damned if I'm riding in the basement right now. This car holds 125 people if fully packed, which it never is because the seats up front are 2 facing 2. So you never have 4 people sandwiched in there unless you have train delays coming out of Penn Station. The Effective Full Capacity (tm Norm 2008) is 121. I should be back on the double decker tomorrow so I'll have to count how many people it can hold.

As we've established before, if Nicole likes music I probably like it as well, since she and I tend to share musical tastes more than you and I do. Though thanfully for you that doesn't go both ways, as there's plenty of stuff I listen to that I'm sure she was hate, and you would likely kill over.


"I don't read you blog for a while and now your taking pictures of women and posting them on-line. I think I need to pay more attention. ...and I thought planting a blow-up doll in the woods was going to get me in trouble. You a brave man! I think you should take the picture as you stroke her leg. Do I make you horney?!? Yeah Baby!!!"

You see, I'm here for you guys, my loyal readers. As I was pasting this comment into the post I got my victim for today and I may have to retract my decision to not take anymore pictures. There's no doubt that if I keep trying to get pictures of the girls I'm going to get burnt before too long, but like I said I'm here for the readers, the people who pay my salary.

I'm not sure how I would handle it if I got snagged. I think most people who just get uncomfortable if they caught me taking a picture but would say nothing. But you know someone would bust out an incredulous, "Are you taking a picture of me?" That could lead to an interesting discussion, but more importantly I would be tabbed as a pervert by the other regualar riders on the train. Maybe I could then turn the phone to video and post it on youtube?

Cycle 43

Sue me if the cycle number is wrong.

Victim: Tough call on age but I'll say 19-29, New Providence, woman, white, married, regular, not fat. Fairly tall and thin, diry blonde but mostly brown hair, nice build, not the best looking but the fat bald 45 year old guy across the aisle puts it into perspective. Wearing a blue and white striped (horizontal) shirt and grey slacks. Flip flops and a medium-big bag that she could probably use as an assault weapon. She crosses her arms and closes her eyes.

While I'm looking at her to describe her, and remember I'm all of 1 inch away from her so this is a fairly close condition you have on the train most days, she springs up, takes her phone out of her Assault Bag, and starts texting someone. I imagine her phone buzzed her with a message and she is replying.

Assessment: Good.

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