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Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Oblivion

It's Super Bowl Sunday and quite frankly I could give 2 shakes of a rat's ass if I see the game or not. I know the guys at work will be talking about it in their hungover states tomorrow. Given that I will neither watch the game nor drink tonight, I will be the proverbial outsider looking in on this conversation.

So it makes me wonder. How long can I go without knowing outcome of the game? I ride the train every morning, so it's pretty easy to happen to glance up and see someone reading the newspaper. For that reason I doubt I will make it very far. But you never know.

OK, no, I know it won't be long before this experiment ends. I'm deluding myself if I actually believe it will be much more than a train stop or two before I happen to see a newspaper. But maybe I can at least get out of the house blissfully unaware.

The point is that it's virtually impossible to NOT know what's going on in the world half the time. I make no effort to keep up with current events other than what's happening in the biking world. Still, every time my wife asks me if I saw this or that story the answer is invariably yes.

So I'm not going to post entry this until I have my result. So for those of you who can't stand suspense, the answer will come in the next paragraph. For those of you who want to wait, go make a cup of coffee and come back in 2 hours...

Meanwhile, back at the took all of...10 seconds on the train to see the headline "Bears Defense No Match for Manning." Seriously it wasn't even 10 seconds. I didn't even have a chance to put my car keys in my bag. I just sat down and bam, there it was. I had forgotten about it to, so my brain was like, "What's that mean?" I guess that makes the experiment more pure, since I wasn't actively trying to avoid the world or anything. It just encroaches on you regardless.

Anyway, it was 5.8 degrees when I left my house this morning. So meanwhile back at the ranch, it's cold.


  • At 11:46 AM, Blogger Terren said…

    Hey Norm - I took your suggestion and went and got a cup of coffee before reading the final paragraph. For the 60 seconds I was gone, I was all a-shiver with suspense.

    Cool experiment. I actually Tivo'd the game and couldn't watch it Sunday night because I had to take Anneka to the hospital (she's fine). So I was actively trying to avoid the superbowl results until Monday afternoon when I could watch it on fast forward. Since I had class on Monday morning, I had to make an effort to not look at newspapers (such as the Targum), which is pretty hard. It involves knowing what is a newspaper without looking directly at it. And then resisting the urge to look at it anyway.

  • At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Interesting. I could care less as well. I didn't even know the Bears were playing in the Superbowl up until the day of the game. Of course I watched the game (not caring who won) because it's an excuse to eat like crap and drink.


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