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Friday, July 20, 2007

In the End

I expect it to work out for the Simpson children. No idea why that popped out and not sure how accurate it is. But that comes right after Millhouse bites the dust in one of the Halloween episodes. Maybe next year on the trainer I'll catch up on all my Simspons episodes, all 17 years of them or whatever it is. Man I don't look forward to that thing right now.

One of the reasons I don't like committing to rides is because my weekends, and my life for that matter, are not stable at all. So on Monday my next 2 weekends basically looked like this. Short off-road ride and Lebanon 52 this weekend then whatever next weekend. Now I'm meeting up with someone at Hartshorne tomorrow, doing Rattling Creek next weekend, and whatever Sunday. I really like to be dynamic, which isn't very good for other people making plans nor my reliability.

I'm stuck right now in Tire Madness again. I will more than likely race different tires an all 3 upcoming events but what tires are still up for debate. I'm pretty sure I'm going to pull the Kenda Small Block 8s out for the Darkhorse 40 and I'm leaning to the Kenda Blue Grooves for the marathon next weekend though I could be swayed to run the 8s for that too. The Nevegals are an option as well but I don't think I need the traction as much so the slightly faster rolling Blue Grooves are more likely. For the 24 I will likely go back to the Specialized Resolution, or maybe give the Kenda Dred Tread a shot. That's the new Tinker tire from Kenda that I'm excited to try. Also getting set of the Kenda Karmas just to round out the experimentation of it all. At some point I also need to try the Specialized Roll-X as well.

Tires are to me what purses and shoes are to many women. I find myself changing tires every week these days. My naked wheels are on the basement floor right now waiting for the latest shoes to be put on. Incidentally my front wheel is 2.5 pounds and the rear (with cassette) is 3.5 or 3 pounds 10 ounces I forget. Man that's a fair amount of rotational weight, especially that rear wheel. Slap on the 1.5 pound tire and a few more ounces of tube and that rear wheel is over 5 pounds. Those are some of the details of the dump truck.

George believes I do crush edges:

"Hey Norm, I have to echo most of the previous comments...great race report, really. Your posts are always insightful and quite humorous as well! A few things I would like to say; All your posts are underlined by a sense of modesty, I think you sometimes don't give yourself the credit when it's due. But that is also a good quality to have in my book, like you say..there are a lot of douche bags out! Let me be the first to say, that yea man, you do crush edges. "Edgecrusher" is a fictional concept from Fear Factorys 1998 release, Obsolete. Edgecrusher is one of the good guys, who stands up for what is just. The reason I chose the name is because for me, Edgecrusher is a state of mind, where you refuse to give in, put forth the effort, and always try your best. That is the racer mentality, that is you, as well as many other good guys and girls out there giving it everything they have. It doesn't really matter where you finish, it matters that you finish. So, you do crush edges Norm...and since the H2H races are class/age specific, 31st of 52 is a good solid result, and to finish 76th out of 155 riders was a well done effort and a real good accomplishment. I want to say that you are representing the team very well, and I sincerely thank you for that. Any team would surely do right by having you on their roster."

Rock on George, thanks for the kind words and good to hear you enjoy reading this mess. I try to be entertaining but sometimes I get carried away by tires or salt intake and so on. I do try to be modest because I think it's a good thing. I know how much work I put in and for a recreational bike rider I know I'm pretty fast. But there are a lot of people putting more work in, and these races show that as a competitive racer, I'm just average. I'm cool with that and don't need to trumpet myself up as more than I am.

I didn't know there was a story behind the team name. That's cool. I'm happy to have carried the Edge Crushing mantle thus far and for the next 6 weeks, I will keep doing that. Hopefully I keep representing well over that time.

Walter added a comment yesterday about the logistics of the race next weekend but I don't want to get into that just yet. Micro planning 8 days in advance will only lead me to second guess myself all week. Though I will say I'm hedging to work from home next Friday which would make going out the day before a lot easier. Didn't I just say I wasn't going to get into this?

So Hartshorne tomorrow and a few road hours Sunday. Some dad required stuff on Saturday after the nap and Sunday is free. Should be a good weekend overall. I need to stay away from too many Scottie Pippens though (Michael Jordan here). I had 2 last night and boy do they pack a punch.

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