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Friday, June 29, 2007

Pee Wee's Big Adventure

The weekend is coming fast which I should be happy about but to be honest I want nothing to do with it. On Saturday we're going down to South Jersey for a 4th of July picnic and staying over until Sunday. We'll leave the house around 9:00 Saturday and get home maybe noon Sunday. Given that it's the summer it will take roughly 2 hours of driving to get to his house.

The first hurdle is getting Julia there. She doesn't much like the car though she has gotten better in the past few weeks. Still, the longest she's ever been in the car has been an hour, and that was filled with some blood curdling scream time in there. In general she won't sleep in the car these days though we're hoping for the best.

The drive there will be broken up into a pair of one hour trips around a one hour stop where she can get some lead out. Same deal both Saturday and Sunday. In between getting there and leaving will be the struggle to keep her out of trouble. Vinny's kids are 5 and 7 (or 4 and 6 I don't know) and the house is no longer safe for 14 month old kids. No gates, no locks on cabinets, open cellar doors, various breakable items, open fire pits, snakes, poison, and so on.

Saturday will more or less be following her around to make sure she doesn't get in too much trouble and wrestling various things away from her that she shouldn't have, like wine glasses, steak knives, and crystal meth. In between I will drink more beer than I should and inhale the occasional hamburger or 3. The main respite will be when she naps followed by when she goes to bed for the night, more than likely around 10:00 with all the excitement. This child does not like to sleep.

After that I will probably zone out, drink a beer, eat a sausage, drink another beer, and go to bed. The next morning will be the struggle to return home. I see it as an absolutely monumental task. We'll get to see Vinny and Bridgette and their kids as well as Cliffy and Melissa and their kids. And all the kids around will help because Julia absolutely loves watching other children. But you know how that goes. One bunch of children run down the basement steps and one 14 month old Tornado tries to follow. Hilarity ensues.

Nat says it's not going to be as bad as I think and hey, let's hope she's right. But nothing in my experience as a dad suggests it will be. Every single time we've been in the car for over 30 minutes she gets cranky and eventually yells about it. Every single time we're at a house that's not child proof I end up exhausted after an hour.

This is the answer to the question, Why don't people with kids go out as much as they used to? Sure, you *can* do anything but it's tiring, exhausting. If you have a choice you either stay at home or go to people's houses who have children. Of course this idea went to hell last weekend when we went to one of the play group's houses. Their twins don't walk yet so the house isn't bomb proof. Ensue killer headache by the end of that visit.

Since I need to get my ride in (or I'll melt) I'll wake up at 5:00 and get in a quick 2+ hours before we go tomorrow. The plan is to do another 2 hours when we get home Sunday but I might have to go right for the vodka at that point. No doubt I roll into next Monday thoroughly exhausted before the work shit hits the fan. There is, however, an outside chance I can take Monday off. We shall see.

But hey, I have the 4th of July off. Oh wait, we're going to my parents that day, an hour away. Check please!

Well then at least you have the following Saturday? Oh, but no! One of the play group kids is having a first birthday party that I'm being guilted into going to. The invitation says, "Your presence is present enough." Yeah my ass. There goes another $30 we can't afford to spend. On the bright side there's a race up at Stewart that Sunday so I'm pretty sure I'm going to do that.

Friday. Work is so fucking nuts that my boss walked out the door at 9:00 am yesterday and isn't coming back until Monday because he was so pissed he almost quit. Another guy in our group managed to inflict the raging ire of a 350 pound high-strung coworker. We had to have a group meeting to talk it out. I think Oprah made an appearance at one point. Then we had a raised voice meeting with one of the vendors for an hour.

The "incident" guy in our group is going to work from home tomorrow because I don't think he can handle it. Our boss is losing his mind. And we're supposed to be putting 2 products into production tomorrow, the first 2 in this whole mega conversion project. Oh and the Operations director has been MIA this week. Fair bet the department VP bails early as well, if he even shows up. Nobody here but us monkeys. Maybe we should shut the shop down. Out to lunch, seeking bananas.

Is this a bike blog? You'd never know it. I set the alarm for 5:00 again this morning because my plan was to ride every day from Tuesday through Sunday. This week is all low-volume which is why it's not hard to pull off. Hopefully I can get some good rolling before and after Pee Wee's Big Adventure to make my post-sick week a valid hold week. Right now it's a slow slide but we didn't hit the weekend yet.

Anyway the alarm rang at 5:00 and I hit snooze then I just turned it off and slept until 6:20. Hey sometimes you gotta go with your bad self and baby, I am bad right now!

I roasted some coffee and played with the wheel a bit. It's pretty well in true now and I did a token job trying to clean it. It rotates well though at the very end of the spin it seems to stop a little too abruptly which tells me either there's too much grease (less likely) or the races are not 100% (more likely). Compared to the front wheel though it's like butter. I'm also not totally comfortable with the small amount of play they tell you to leave in it. They say it disappears when you clamp it down. We'll see.

My retreat in packing on weight has gone well this week which is good. Dropped from a weekly average of 193 last week to 191.57 today. Of course this is still bloated from the 188.43 before I got sick so a little bit to go still and this weekend is going to do what to that? Also went from feeling miserable on the bike Tuesday to having a great ride Thursday. So all in all things look fine. I just need to keep a holding pattern through the next 10 days then I can overthink how I'm going to ramp up for the 24 and what intermediate races I'm going to do.

Well I'm rolling into work now so the work craziness is just about to yield to my weekend craziness. Hope everyone has a good weekend. If the bike is your thing hopefully you get some quality miles in. Either way be safe and watch the drinking and driving thing. This is a bad weekend for that kinda stuff.



  • At 8:09 AM, Anonymous jake said…

    all i really want to know is how you manage to "pen" all of this on your crackberry w/o your fingers falling off. :)

  • At 9:44 AM, Anonymous Jeff said…

    Just curious how you go about roasting your coffee beans? What equipment do you use? How long does it take? and is there much of a learning curve? Where do you get your raw beans? Questions, questions, questions. This is mtbdawgJeff BTW.


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