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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tune Up Tuesday

I finally got my elusive vacation day on Tuesday which was a nice break to the monotony. My plan was a pretty basic 5 part day:

1. Sleep in
2. Spend time with family
3. Ride Lewis Morris
4. Get a haircut
5. Mow the lawn

It all went well until step 5, which was replaced with "fill the bird feeders" because it was so hot out. At one point I saw 100.2 on the thermometer. Just a brutal day yesterday.

I took the reassembled Stumpjumper to Lewis Morris with the intention to do 2 or 3 laps. I don't warmup or anything I just go, keeping a pace from the door. I think the last time I did laps at LM I was pulling 43 minute loops. Well that apparently was a long time ago as my first loop was 36:30 and the second 39:30, roughly. I cut it off after 2 because it was well over 90 degrees at that point and I wasn't looking to blow a fuse. Ride link here:

The extra 1:30 was going to/from the race loop. I have to be honest that I was astonished that I was able to pull that fast of a first lap, especially since it was a warmup. It hurt more than the second but then it was 3 minutes faster. If I had tacked on a third lap I probably would have kept about the same pace as the second lap, in the 40 minute realm, and I would have been pretty shot. The goal this Sunday is 2 hours. Anything better than that is gravy. That might seem like a lock given Tuesday's ride but I have no idea how it all shakes out with the 70 or so riders that will start at the same time I do.

I'm debating between letting it go for the first 5-10 minutes to get some separation from the chaff versus just doing my thing and letting it all fall where it will. The first 3 miles of the course is most of the climbing so there are plenty of places to pass but also plenty of places to blow. Aside from a 2 hour goal my other goal is to not cramp and to give it a solid but consistent effort. Blowing in the first 3 miles is not the best way to do that.

The downside with just starting free and easy is that you will bottleneck when the park road hits the singletrack, especially since you need to pull a turn that is sharper than 90 degrees in that transition. Whatever, I'll play it by ear the day of the race.

The one striking thing I noticed about yesterday is that my bike climbs like a dump truck. I love the bike but seriously it's just not a race bike. It does the job and on the flats and downhills it's a great bike. But that's a lot to lug up all of those hills at LM. And of course standing just eats up my energy as the squish squish squish does its thing.

But you know, failing that elusive winning lottery ticket I won't be buying a light race bike any time soon.

This morning I went out and climbed some hills. Nothing special just got out and did my thing. The pace is pretty unremarkable and I don't really have an answer for that. By the time I was warmed up the hills started. And I never really cashed in on the downhills as I actually took a wrong turn and got lost. Ride link:

No riding the next 2 days because I think rest is something I don't do enough of right now. And with these temperatures I really don't want to dig too deep of a hole. Maybe I'll pull a 2-3 week high volume stage in a few weeks but last time knocked me out for a week and left me flat the week after that. So I'm just trying to enjoy my time on the bike as best I can which translates to 4 days a week right now.


"you and your esoteric jargon. ;)"

I gots mad game, or snacks like Rod Woodson. Don't ask.

Ignoring my esoteric jive, Jake is also running on Sunday and I hope he does well. He's been obsessing about this for a few months now and finally the week of truth is here. My advice is just to pace yourself and aim for a negative split on each lap. Your second half of each lap should bump up your average. The first half is where you build your potential energy to release later. Think of it as a roller coaster. Up until that top of the switchback you're just click-click-cliking your way up to the top. Then let go but do so wisely.


"Finally sorted out some password confusion. Hence my lack of presence here lately. Full marks on the "ambivalent" vs. "indifferent"."

Well I'm glad someone appreciates it. And good to have you commenting again. Hope to see you at the LMC this weekend or the Lebanon 52 next weekend. What are your thoughts on warming up before a race as well as race start strategy?


"Lollapalooza! 1993 I think...right? I was there too! That is too funny man. I remember Janes and Pearl Jam, and NIN. It was a great show on the main stage. Wow...that was a blast from the past Norm."

Well I think one of us was either drinking or smoking or ingesting a little too much something or other back then because I'm pretty sure Pearl Jam was the second year (1992). I only went to the first year (1991) and I don't remember Pearl Jam. I guess I could just look it up and verify that I'm correct. But I'm on the train so that will have to wait.

I do seem to remember there was a no-show at the show we went to but I don't remember who. I think Siouxsee and the Banshees were on right before Jane's but not sure if they played or not. I do seem to remember being bored out of my skull for some of the show so good bet that they played. But then who didn't play?

They really should have box scores for this stuff like they do in baseball. I can go look up what Sixto Lexcano did on June 3, 1983. They should have the same sort of thing for concerts.

You know I think Living Color also played at that show and I think they were outstanding too. Yeah I really need to look this up when I get to work. All I can say for certain is that Ice Tea kicked serious ass, as did Jane's and NIN. And the Ice Tea and Perry Farrell whitey/nigger sing-off (whatever I hesitate to use the word duet there) was just fantastic. Or maybe it sucked and the drugs were great.

So I checked it out and apparently Fishbone was there too but I don't remember that. Pearl Jam was indeed the second year. Vaguely remember the Butthole Surfers and Rollins Band but not the Violent Femmes at all. And another thing I see is that Lollapalooza has turned into a mass freak event. This year there are no less than 125 scheduled bands currently. What the fuck man, that's just inane.

Wednesday. Ho ho hum. It looks like pea soup out there and feels worse. Stay cool.

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  • At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Maurice said…

    Hope I can see you at the race. This is an interesting place to race at... Don't get too hung up on the course as you know it, it may be different this time around.

    In any case it's a somewhat long race, so don't sweat the start too much. Don't take it easy either as it's harder to get going otherwise.

    Most importantly, play it safe. This is a place where stacking it can be expensive, and it may be slippery in spots (bridges, roots, gravel,...).

    Those are nice times you clocked, you should do well.

    Good luck,


  • At 9:48 AM, Anonymous Terren said…

    Norm -

    Today I'm the voice of your blogging past: "if I continue to cramp up in races I will have to call it quits" (when I channel spirits I always paraphrase). You burn out of the gate and you're much more likely to cramp up. Play it safe, don't cramp, and if your only problem then is that you got stuck behind a bunch of grandmas, then at least you figured out the cramp thing, for one race anyway. I know, it's not the sexy advice you might have been hoping for, but I've got something else sexy for you when you fix my bike.



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