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Thursday, April 26, 2007

103 Days

Just for the record, I made it to 103 days before having my first beer. The goal was 90 but once I got to 90 I wanted to make 100 and get past the first (sorta) event of the year.

Sunday evening Lou came over and we grilled up burgers and some veggies and I popped the cap for the first time since January 8th. The beer of choice was Pranqster, a tasty Belgian Strong Pale Ale that hit the spot. I went with the Belgian as my beer of choice because everything in the basement is over 3 months old and the more yeasty beers tend to keep better.

In the spirit of over analyzing everything I will offer 2 thoughts. The first is that beer is as good as I remember it being but I didn't want another. The second is that my body seemed to process the alcohol rapidly. For a 7.2% abv beer, I had a light buzz for about half an hour then done. I would have expected more of an impact but I'm happy it was more benign.

So that streak is over. Today is day 4 of my new streak. I make no overtures that this one will last quite so long, however.



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