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Friday, February 03, 2006

The Media is Off the Wall

Unless you live under a rock or, like me, don't care about the general goings on of the world, you surely know that 2 of the biggest news stories in the past week are the story of Bob Woodruff getting broke and the Muslim world reacting to the cartoons in a Denmark newspaper, which appeared something like 5 months ago. If you don't - or even if you do - here's the scoop.

Bob Woodruff is an ABC reporter who went to cover blah blah blah in Iraq, nearly got blown up, and now the entire free world (read: the media) is all like, "Wow holy crap Bob almost bought the farm." You know what? Fuck Bob. Bob went into Iraq on his own accord, to try and be some Bob Woodward of the modern era. Guess what new Bob? You're not the old Bob. You're just not, so give it up.

Ok, that's unfair. Bob Woodruff is doing what so many reporters and news agencies shy away from these days, which is actually reporting the news. Since bottom line means more than reporting, news outlets across the globe have stopped caring what news is reported and started caring about bottom lines and profit margins. Woodruff is only carrying out the last flicker of a flame that is about to go out. It's not fair for me to rail against him.

What I will rail against is the media, the base creeps who put Bob Woodruff's life above and beyond the 2000+ people who actually did die in Iraq so far. Hey, guess what? Almost all of those people didn't want to go to Iraq and die. Woodruff chose to go, and he's not dead. Yet why do we all know his name more than any dead American soldier except for maybe, just maybe, Pat Tillman? The answer: because media jerks off to its own, disregarding the lives of the people who were sent there, as opposed to realizing that if Woodruff wants to risk his life doing something really fucking scary, that's cool, but only a fraction as newsworthy as the people who don't want to go, then get shot in the face. Think about it.

The other story recap. In September, some guy in Denmark drew these cartoons about Muhammad. I linked them above but they're linked again here. Good luck finding them online, This wonderful media that wants to shove Bob Woodruff up your ass only wants to tell you how pissed off the Muslims are, but they don't want to show you the cartoons. They're not widely available, and this blog entry wonders what's up with that. I tend to agree.

Ok, so CNN, ABC, Yahoo - all the players really - they want to tell you all about this story, but fail to give you the juice? You know damn well that I want to know what these things look like. I sure as hell don't want to read these stories, not knowing what the cartoons looked like. How can you judge a story without the evidence? How can you form an opinion? I guess they don't care, just like they don't care that Bob Woodruff chose to put his ass in the line of Iraqi gunfire.

Anyway, beyond that, a large segment of the Muslim community started protesting and then setting things on fire. Hey, aren't these actions justifications of the "insensitive" cartoons? I'm no conservative, to be sure. In general, I think world policy is decidedly anti-Muslim to say the least. Having said that, reacting to a cartoon by setting shit on fire is pretty fucking retarded. Is the picture below worth 1000 words?

Did I mention that guy is a rocket scientist in real life? In fact, he was pissed that there was a police cone in front of his scooterrrrr...ah, Mercedes. No, really. Check it out. If someone calls me an asshole, let's assume I react by burning down his house. Wasn't he right? Don't the actions of many people here justify much of what the Western world thinks, even if it's patently false?

So ok, the Muslim world is going crazy. Hey, the bible-thumping right does the same when someone swears on the radio. It happens - they're all a bunch of fruitcakes who can't keep their strong opinions to themselves, for better or worse. Rather, let me say, for worse. But what's up with the media anymore? The media has turned into non-reporting, self-centered dick weeds. How about reporting the news, and not making it? Let's forget Bob Woodruff, stop censoring the content, and put Judy Miller back in jail. Then maybe the media will be respected again. For now, it's really going down the shitter fast.


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