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Monday, January 09, 2006 is Dead

I have finally decided that enough is enough. I'm bagging the domain name, and everything that goes with it. This includes the previous results of my Normbrero college football pick 'em game and any archives that go with it, plus the meager content I provided there. You might ask why? And I might answer, why not? But that would be a dickhead response to a hypothetical question. Since I'm asking myself the question - albeit out loud for people to hear - I might as well give a reasonable response.

Basically, this is yet another step in simplifying things in my world. That, and the domain name costs me $100 a year to fund, which I'm not interested in spending since it comes out of my pocket, not the general house fund. I'd much rather use it to help rebuild my bike or buy music. The review website was really a way for me to learn what I like, and now that I've done that, I have no need to keep something that's been essentially dead for 2 years, if not more. So I wiped it all out in one fell swoop. One click of the delete icon and it was all a distant memory, gone for good.

Ok, so it actually took 2 clicks, because the web front-end prompted me to make sure I was absolutely sure I wanted to delete the DB. Yes, I confirmed, I am/was sure. Same goes for the wiki, and the college football site, and the bare bones content site that hung around, apparently keeping someone entertained. When I looked at the access logs, I get something like 100 hits a day on that site. 100 a day?!?! So I changed the 404 page to a redirect page. Go have a look if you like, you'll be directed back here, just follow the link on the page. Or sit and watch, I don't care, obviously.

Anyway, this entry is meant to answer the question, "What happened?" I'm sure most people understand that shit changes, and the things you were doing yesterday (exploring hot wet leaf taste and predicting college football games) are not the things you're doing today (drinking beer and riding your bike). In any event, at the end of the day I'm engaging in some combination of seemingly conflicting interests. Next year it might be gardening and freebasing.


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