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Friday, April 06, 2012

Easter Vacation Day 6: The Bronx Zoo

Nice & easy day on the bike in the morning before we got stuff together and headed out the door to the Bronx Zoo. Aside from the traffic on 80 across the GWB, it was an easy enough trip. This was just more or less a day of pictures so I'll leave it at that. We ate lunch when we got there, saw animals, got ice cream, and drove home. We were home for an hour and then went to peewee practice, where Julia was bored then fell off a see-saw after and cried. I then went to buy beer.

I like the tree in this one.

Water is always unpredictable and interesting.


Julia looking into an empty cage.

Always a sucker for these kinds of pics.

Looks nice

That's all. 



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