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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Easter Vacation, Day 1

Wake up, it's 4:40, the first day of your vacation. Hello, it's the first day of the rest of your life. But I didn't get to enjoy the last day of my previous life. I would have had a party of something. Scotch anyone?

It is raining, but I get on the bike anyway. Like any ex-fat bastard you know that calories burned allow you to eat more later. And vacation is a flag in your brain to eat more. So you need to suck it up and burn more. The ride is uneventful, though it does have all 3 pieces of the Bad Pie: cold, dark, and wet. Carson says that means you're also stupid. Make it 4. In hockey I think there's a term for 4 goals, the Hat Trick on Acid? A turkey? No wait, that's golf.

I get an interesting message from someone in the car industry offering to help the car buying process. Not going to pull out any names just to protect the innocent, but let's just say that Mandell and Dan "I'm a no-show to ST #4" know him. It may delay the process a few days, but I'm a patient man. I'm not an ideal customer because I have no problem walking away and waiting. We'll get there.

At the Korean market we get some sashimi for lunch to bring back to the house. It is as good as it looks.

Julia is cooked, I feel lousy. The allergies this year are brutal. The trees and colors are awesome but it is drilling both of us. I'm more tired than congested, she alternates between tired and congested. By the end of the night she is cooked. She goes to sleep in literally 3 seconds once she stops being a little brat.

First full day of vacation is boring. The weather was unimpressive, so we went to buy Korean meat. Breakfast is scrambled eggs in an orange bell pepper, lunch is the above pic, and dinner is some leftover kung pao tofu I made a few days ago. I eat ice cream later in the evening. I skip the beer, as much as I want to drown out this awful feeling. Bill tells me beer doesn't work. He prefers vodka.

I clean out a corner of the kitchen, order some North Face jackets, and make a video about mapping out trails at the BSA. Pearl says he likes it.

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