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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Easter Vacation Day 5: Defined by Nothing

Today again was a day defined by nothing. Julia had a play date set for 12-3 which meant I was going to sleep in, bum around the house, then go for a bike ride while she was at play date. It was a beautiful day out, warm temps and lots of sunshine. It would have been perfect for the zoo but Wednesday is free zoo day at the Bronx Zoo and we've made that mistake once before. Instead of getting out early I decided to make some juice.

It tasted exactly like it looks, which is what I was aiming for. I ended up just using a food processor and a colander, which works fine. I then take the pulp and use it on toast, to dip things in, whatever. It tastes like pulped vegetables but that's what it is. I added it to quinoa and tossed some cumin on it. Not bad, but it needs more. This was spinach, celery, carrots, cucumber, and pineapple. Need to add a little fruit for sweetness. Allison suggested some ginger, which I like the idea of. 

My ride was uneventful other than seeing the Easter hippo.

When I got back we tried to go and fly a kite that Julia got for some gift to a party or something and it lasted 3 seconds then fell apart. I wasn't expecting much but this underwhelmed even my meager expectations. Not a big deal because we were at the playground and she wanted to do that anyway. So it works out. 

When we got home we took a few pics around the neighborhood. Julia had a half-decent smile for this one which is rare when it's time to pose for a picture.

Finally we topped the day off with some pizza for dinner, then chocolate-chocolate chip cookies. I had half of 1 then called it a day. I've been eating plenty and there are still 4 days left on the week. 

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