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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This Whole Internet

Sometimes I wonder where this whole Internet is going. I say "this whole Internet" in a loaded way, to be sure. By "this whole Internet" I mean the potential inherent in the medium. Communication has changed by a wide margin - yet it seems we just use it to find like people and disagree with them as much as we disagree with the people we live near and don't particularly care for. Message boards are a vehicle there.

I find some of the best resources on the Internet, so much so that I'm at a point where I'm willing to start paying for some of them. Of course, Amazon is a spot where I already do pay, occasionally. Their book reviews and cross-references to other books & CDs are a valuable asset to anyone who reads and listens to music. More than that, is worth every bit of the $0 a year I spend on it.

Podcasting is yet another invaluable element I've recently gotten into. As crazy as it sounds, Adam Curry's Daily Source Code is the only show I listen to every day. It's a mish mash of various items in the world of podcasting, and the guy is entertaining to boot. Today's show is why I sat down tonight to write again. My writing has taken a trunk space lately, as opposed to the back seat it used to occupy.

The show today was about music, and the fact that the music industry is going to start taking on the podcasters segment. I'm tempted to write that this is because they're greedy or cite some other nefarious expression, but that's merely my anger at Big Brother trying to kill what isn't his. They're well within their rights to do that, and they're likely going to succeed in wiping out all podcasts that have any licensed music in them at all.

Which is fine, because it's going to force the hand of the non-commercial music industry to be much stronger than it is. Recently I've started looking into the Podsafe Music Network, which is pretty much various artists telling the record companies to eat shit. Or more precisely, these are the bands that can't get labels and they're putting their music out to the public at large for free, in the hopes that they will be recognized there.

I imagine some artists will use this medium to jump into the record industry and out of the free music world. That's fine, but it may also help the power craving music industry to collapse under its own weight, an eventuality that I'm excited to see happen. I'm not sure it will happen, but I'd like to see it, regardless.

So "this whole Internet" thing means a lot of things to me right now. Suddenly, for the first time ever, I'm excited to be a part of it. I guess that's what this is. This blog is my getting into/onto "this whole Internet" thing as opposed to just sucking from it. Hopefully my contribution will be of some value to someone out there. Or maybe I'll just fade into the woodwork again for another 8 months.


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